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Blue RHYMES (Season 3)

Updated on February 24, 2018

His own Grave (Episode 1)

The NYPD team.
Enjoys spending time with their families.
The Reagans are at a soccer game.
But Danny receives a text that changed.
Changed his joy. Turned it to sadness.
His wife knew that something happened.
She asked him what it was.
He replied that he’d talk about it later.
Crime rose as the lights went out.
Danny reveals what it was about.
It’s a guy that he canned years back.
But his message doesn’t seem like he whats to attack.
Which leaves. Danny concerned.
His wife is also concerned.
Wants to know what they’re dealing with.
Wanting to know the purpose.
They begin their search.
Starting with the woman that he worked.
That he worked with.
While the commissioner pays a visit.
To the family of the slain.
He listens to their cries of pain.
While his son Danny.
Is still out there searching.
He later finds the clues.
But he gets some bad news.
That guy that he canned.
Holds his partner in a van.
He and Danny make an agreement.
They first set up a meeting.
Meeting up with one another.
But he finds a bomb on his partner.
The bomb’s in a pack back.
Danny puts on the backpack.
He then goes in a taxi.
With the guy that he canned driving.
They go to a cemetery.
Where Danny starts digging.
Digging up his own grave.
But he's later inside the grave.

End of an Era (Episode 2)

A woman fights with her boyfriend.
By lies when the police step in.
Telling them that she fell.
Because her boyfriend was in jail.
They speak to a witness.
She tells them more about it.
She explains that it's not the first.
She explains that the girl is cursed.
Cursed because she chooses.
Men that she know abuses.
They see a guy that she dated.
Then takes him to be questioned.
Of course, he denies it’s abuse.
It’s confirmed to be abuse.
A woman of the NYPD.
Takes the abuse personally.
But he is not their man.
They search to find the right man.
The man happens to be a rich man.
They find out who is it.
They go to his office.
He admits his guilt partially.
But doesn’t admit that he’s abusing.
The rich man goes to the woman.
He gets shot by the woman.
He tells them a lie.
He was the man that made the girl cry.
He went to her apartment.
To tell her to hush about it.
He is the commissioner's friend.
But sadly, it comes to an end.

Justice (Episode 3)

Its another day in the city.
This time, it’s a crime in the morning.
A male is shot twice.
While walking his dog in the morning light.
Danny examines the body.
He begins questioning.
What the tattoos on it mean.
Then finds he was a rapist that was set free.
While doing the investigation.
He finds that its four rapists.
Two have been killed.
He assumes the others will be killed.
He finds one of the victims.
She gives him some wisdom.
Wisdom about rapists.
She cries about the incident.
She says she never healed.
She explains how she really feels.
Danny has a heart.
He looks to play a part.
A part of finding the two men.
So this girl can fell whole again.
Danny finds them as promised.
He puts an end to all of it.
The killer is a detective.
Instead of killing, he serves them justice.

Mastermind (Episode 4)

It’s a beautiful morning.
A couple prepares for a wedding.
The groom sees his bride looking pretty.
He gets footage before the ceremony.
As his bride gets in the car.
There is another car.
Driving up slowly.
Then starts to shoot suddenly.
The groom does survive.
But his soon to be wife dies.
He is devastated.
He could not believe it.
While he spoke to Danny.
He saw his wife’s body.
Wife’s body rolling off.
Then cries about what he lost.
Danny makes the man a promise.
To find the ones that did this.
He finds out what happened.
Some feel he wasn’t the target.
In a twist of events.
He's taken off from working it.
Pulled off the case.
To protect a president on his way.
They find that the president.
Is not a real president.
Danny sees there is no purpose.
Hed rather fulfills a promise.
He gets back on the case.
He stands face to face.
With the one suspect.
Leading him to who’s behind it.
Arresting the shooter.
Then goes after the master.

Family (Episode 5)

One of NYPD’s own.
Is honored work away from home.
Capturing a terrorist.
But they later regret it.
When the one that is honored.
Is held hostage under the power.
Of a dangerous organization.
Who wants back what was taken.
He actually demands it.
They have 24 hrs to return it.
They find a strategy.
To rescue without casualty.
But told that their own is killed.
That doesn’t make the team thrilled.
Danny gets on the case.
He goes to the place.
The place of the honored with his family.
His wife makes a demand for Danny.
To bring back her husband.
Danny gets right to it.
He grabs a male partner.
He gets a lead moments later.
They invade a home where they were.
Seeing the jacket on the chair.
That organization's leader.
Is watching the police behavior.
He’s captured moments later.
With the NYPD’s brother.

It's Over (Episode 6)

It was a risk but they took it.
The NYPD was rewarded.
Just as they were happy.
There was a happy family.
Now they have another crime.
To solve in the same amount of time.
A male has been hit.
But survive to tell them about it.
The car that did it.
Is described by the witness.
They jump on it right away.
Danny comes to save the day.
He later finds a lead.
He attempts to put him in custody.
But gets information instead.
Danny just maybe misled.
Later on that night.
He gets a call from his wife.
That their second car has caught fire.
She even mentions that it’s a goner.
Danny tries to figure out something.
He sees a cyclist coming.
Coming their way with a gun.
Shooting at the car filled with the one.
The one is the survivor.
It’s obvious who they’re after.
Someone wants him killed.
Danny poses as a shield.
Before finding who’s behind it.
Pulling all the stops just to end it.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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