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Blue Velvet Film Review

Updated on October 16, 2017
MacLachlan as Jeffrey with Dern as Sandy
MacLachlan as Jeffrey with Dern as Sandy

Blue Velvet - 1986

Young Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) has just been to visit his father in hospital. On his way home through a field he notices a severed human ear that ants had been attacking. He picks it up, bags it and does the noble thing and heads straight to the local police. He asks for the detective, that lives nearby, who has a daughter named Sandy (Laura Dern) for assistance. This sets the premise for a young man's curiosity into the dark and seedy underworld of this local suburban town.

Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth with Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy Vallens
Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth with Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy Vallens

It's A Strange World..

The detective is rightly unable to inform Jeffrey of his investigation but Sandy overhears at home that there is something going on with local jazz and blues singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini)..Jeffrey decides to pose as a pest sprayer to get into her apartment and scope it out for his own fascination. What Jeffrey witnesses is a woman deeply tortured in her own life and mixed up with some very shady people, namely Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper).

Original, Unforgettable American Cinema

I have never seen anything like Blue Velvet. I had heard about it over the years and never quite got around to seeing it, until it appeared on cable just recently. I do remember some 20 years ago when I was barely out of high school wanting to see it but my father wouldn't allow it and after catching it finally, I can probably understand his thinking.

Ive always liked David Lynch's originality in his work. Although his films are on the weird side you can't deny his eye for art. Perhaps being a former painter this gives him his trait of picturing what he wants to portray on film and then injecting it into a scene. He was nominated for his work here. His small innocent town with waving firemen and picket fences turns to a dirty dark secret that lies within, with the blowing out of a candle.

The scene where Jeffrey is peeping through a closet in Dorothy's apartment and witnessing a violent and irredeemable Frank Booth forcing himself and hitting Dorothy are very disturbing and unforgettable moments. He feels drawn to her and wants to help her as much as he wants to discover the truth behind the ear and her involvement with this crazy psycho, he also feels a sexual awakening inside of him at the hands of this damsel in distress..

The acting is all very very good as one might imagine. The innocence and curiosity of MacLachlan and Dern. They share a beautiful scene towards the end at a party shot up close with the two kissing quite romantically (which is in stark contrast to other sexual scenes of the movie!).. Rossellini is barley clothed for the entire movie and she looks just gorgeous! She is extremely courageous for taking this role on, and this is her defining moment. Hopper is nothing short of incredible in this movie. This is one of the meanest villains of cinema (which he has played a few of). You just can't take your eyes off him in any scene he is in and neither can the other actors. Larger than life and downright powerful! I cannot believe he didn't get a nomination for a supporting actor at the 1986 Academy Awards, he was for a Golden Globe.

Interesting fact that Deborah Harry was first considered for the role of Dorothy. Also it was Hopper that wrote into the script that he breathe in amyl nitrate and not helium as originally intended, thinking it would sound rather foolish for a bad guy to speaking in a high pitch tone. Chris Isaak sings a couple of songs on the soundtrack.

I really enjoyed Blue Velvet. Its a piece of American cinema art that I could watch again and again and probably get something new out of it with each viewing.

120 mins


Blue Velvet Players

Isabella Rossellini
Dorothy Vallens
Kyle MacLachlan
Jeffrey Beaumont
Dennis Hopper
Frank Booth
Laura Dern
Sandy Williams
Dean Stockwell
Hope Lange
Mrs. Williams

Blue Velvet Trailer

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Blue Velvet Movie Poster
Blue Velvet Movie Poster


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