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Blueprint On How To Fix The DCEU-Fan's Perspective

Updated on February 3, 2017

Take The Playbook And Throw In A Flaming Trashcan

First and foremost, I am going to inform everyone who reads this article that I do not work for any film companies nor is anyone being paid extra to show extra support since rumors started that people who trashed recent DC releases were being touted as being "Paid off" by Disney and Marvel Studios for their efforts and thats just nonsense. Another thing I should preface is when I was thinking of this article and how to make things go together perfectly if you aren't as well versed into sports and their culture then this might take some extra homework to understand but being able to know the comic characters and their stories will give you the right idea when I throw sports names and players at you. So without further delay I will discuss how Warner Brothers should take a deep breathe, close their eyes and grab their blueprint for this universe and throw it away and scrap it before anything gets worse.

The reason I say this with such urgency is because over just the past 2 months alone a rollercoaster of events have happened that have done nothing but set DC and Warners back more and more. Film experts and people who get up and call studying film and reviewing films as their job(Lucky folks) are starting to not take anything that happens seriously anymore because the news that comes in is either bad or worse and rarely good. So while it may sound drastic to "Throw out the blueprint/playbook" just think about it like this and here comes the first sports term..Warner Brothers is a highly touted studio and while some might think the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are a joke now, To actors and people in Hollywood winning an Academy Award is like winning the Stanley Cup or Vince Lomabardi Trophy because once the studio gets that recognition and the actor/actress gets a trophy under her name it stays there forever and can open many doors for them down the road. A great example for this article and trust me this won't be the last time you'll hear his name but Jared Leto having a career as a successful musician and taking on more obscure roles like Lord Of War,Requiem For A Dream and Chapter 27. But when he played Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and won his Oscar for best supporting actor within months there was rumors that he was going to be cast as Doctor Strange and The Joker and eventually he chose to play Mr.J and I wont go into his look now I will cover that later but you see my point how one performance to a studio can give so much heat it can skyrocket you from well known actor to every person knows your name and face now. Another thing to compare is I want to say it was last year when the Philadelphia 76ers a VERY storied franchise had one of the worst teams in the NBA and they decided to start something called "The Process" where they would tank the rest of the season to get a great draft pick and it happens in all sports too whether it is the Cleveland Browns for the NFL and right now the Tampa Bay Lightning for the NHL. But being able to quietly announce that they are doing "The Process" and sort of reworking their plan from scratch to have something promising and amazing to show at San Diego Comic Con this year would be a great showcase for it all to come together.

The Main Roster..

So for Warner Brothers and the current roster of talent they have on staff for these upcoming films and past we can also look no further to some of the most well known names in all sports. So I am going to do a list below and quickly cover a handful and how meaningful they are to this process going forward..

-Henry Cavill-Superman-Alexander Ovechkin(NHL)-Steph Curry(NBA)-Aaron Rodgers(NFL)

-Ben Affleck-Batman-Sidney Crosby(NHL)-Lebron James(NBA)-Tom Brady(NFL)

-Jason Mamoa-Aquaman-Ezekiel Elliott(NFL)

-Gal Godot-Wonder Woman-Devan Dubnyk(NHL)-Anthony Davis(NBA)-Odell Beckham JR(NFL)

-Ezra Miller-The Flash-Russell Wilson(NFL)

-Ray Fisher-Cyborg-Jonathan Quick(NHL)

-Margot Robbie-Harley Quinn-Drew Doughty(NHL)-Julio Jones(NFL)

-Jared Leto-The Joker-Patrick Kane(NHL)-Andre Drummond(NBA)-Adrian Peterson(NFL)

When you look at the list I just created above it does show that this is something that is very promising and to be desired by many despite how they might look or how their suits might differ from another universe. There were a few other names not listed on here but if you count Amy Adams,JK Simmons and what Warner Brothers is doing with The Rock who is arguably the most popular movie star around right now and they cast him as Black Adam 3 YEARS AGO. While Johnson is just teasing information about a Shazam film with Black Adam involved and finally delivering updates to fans who would want to know I personally am afraid that he will hype up the machine so much that Warner Brothers will pull the plug on everything if Justice League and Wonder Woman is taking negatively much like Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were and then all of this talk will be for nothing.

All Rosters Have To Be Capped Somewhere..

When you look at the talent they have on board so far many pieces are just either joining late into the process and some have been on from the beginning and if Warner Brothers wanted to really stun the movie going audience and fanboys everywhere they would do what every team does when relaying their plan and make cuts. So everyone I listed above would not be touched in any way shape or form so if your all bent out of shape because The Joker is covered in tattoos and isn't Heath Ledger well learn to take it in because in this blueprint he isn't going anywhere since he was only used for 15 minutes of an all villain film. Besides the obvious castings of Cavill and Affleck as Batman and Superman which are pluses all around the board the two castings they cannot lose and basically do anything to keep for as long as possible much like Robert Downey Jr or Chris Evans in the Marvel Universe is Margot Robbie and Dwayne Johnson. Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn was received positively across the board and she even was nominated for awards for her take on the character so Warner Brothers finally found their Harley Quinn and need to hold on to her. With Johnson if they lose him and he goes over to Disney and Marvel and they throw him into the next Avengers film lets say as Character B that movie is going to get tons of people in the seats just off of his name alone. If I could compare it to another sports reference losing Johnson would be like when Edmonton let Wayne Gretzky leave for Los Angeles and he made them an all star team.

Some of the unfortunate things to get into would be who wouldn't make it and in all honesty you have to look and think like your competition at times. Take a look at what Dan Quinn is doing with the Atlanta Falcons, He went from being the defensive coordinator in Seattle with the Legion Of Boom and going to Atlanta and taking the model Seattle had and in 3-4 years now look? He's in the Super Bowl. If you were to take drastic changes and do things like cut Ezra Miller from The Flash and have a deep in depth conversation telling Grant Gustin how amazing it would be to come into the movie world and be a part of the Justice League. To make it work with the show as well since they are using Flashpoint in this most recent season he could travel to Earth X or Y or what have you during the offseason and that would be him fighting alongside Cavill and Affleck in the movies and when the show comes back they can intertwine it all together and Grant could add in the show "He was busy hanging with the bat" or something along those lines. Since we already have a cemented Supergirl in Melissa Benoist she is another case where you would use her in the film being related to Cavill and while they have a Superman in the Supergirl show they can easily retcon it all by having him do a deed to save the world and thats where you would incorporate the Death Of Superman storyline which was already used in Batman V Superman(Spoilers) so once it is used in TV and film you can just leave it be and not have to resort to it again. Another one is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Now while I wasn't part of the group who was majorly annoyed by his portrayal of Lex and how he basically took Mark Zuckerberg and made him meaner and more off his rocker. For me it worked because he showed that he was slowly going off the deep end and all of the audience got to see the show. Now in Batman V Superman he kept mentioning his dear old dad and how his dad built the LexCorp empire and he is just righting the ship in the right course. So this is one of the rare cases where Warner Brothers has laid the seeds correctly for dad to come home and be Lex Luthor Sr. and have it be cast by a badass like a Bryan Cranston or someone up there in age and then with that Lex Sr. can put Jr in his place for being such an idiot and every time you moan or groan about Eisenberg going off on a tangent just remember daddy will be there to set him straight.

Now at the same time you might be screaming that it could befuddle and mess up the storyline even more with two Lex's around but if Jr was able to show Sr his main goal and how it ultimately leads to world domination and what the mother boxes all mean then Sr can get on board with it enough to wear it wont look like a burden for anyone. I just want to add that with Ezra Miller and saying he would be one of the few to be cut I don't have anything against him as an actor and I actually enjoyed him quite a bit in Perks Of Being A Wallflower but when you already have a Flash that everyone and their mother in geek culture knows and it being Grant Gustin its almost a no brainer that some agreement should be made to mesh Gustin into the movie verse since when we are talking about competition there have been many rumors that the Defenders(Jessica Jones,Luke Cage,Daredevil,Iron Fist) would all be domination Netflix with their shows and the team up show but would also be added into the infinity war films as well. So with the Defenders in the cast as well as the Agents Of Shield rumored to make an appearance it is something that Marvel Studios is about to pull the trigger on and meanwhile over at Warner Brothers the best thing they can do since they decided to announce separation in the TV and Film divisions is sit there and watch them take another loss.

Once The Blueprint Is Done...

Now once Warner Brothers and DC decide to rework everything and go into full recovery mode then things need to shake up in the writers room as well. When you look at the past writer David S Goyer is listed as being the writer for The Dark Knight Trilogy and helping on Batman V Superman when it comes to DC films and one of the major things that come back as negatives besides the editing being awful on almost every release is that the dialogue in the films where over at Marvel you have dialogue that can be cheeky at times and something that might be too on the nose but over at DC they almost make cheeky and cheesy an art form and they need to shake that habit immediately. I personally have a feeling that someone in the writers room for Batman V Superman whether it was Chris Terrio who has a writing Oscar for Argo or Goyer brought up that "Martha" scene and one of them said "OH MY GOD YES! IT'S BRILLIANT!" But in reality that scene and sequence is turning out to be their David Tyree catch or Malcolm Butler interception where everyone just utters the words Batman V Superman and fanboys will laugh hysterically and mock the film trying to do their best "Martha" impersonation and while director Zack Snyder could of been the catalyst of it as well he is something who should be kept on a shorter lease there too. For Snyder he has made Man Of Steel,Batman V Superman and the upcoming Justice League. He has made half of the films that up to 2017 have been released on the DC slate of movies going to 2020. When you look over at Marvel everyone knows about Kevin Feige and how he basically runs the company and their next 3 steps with an iron fist and if I could compare him to anyone he is Bill Belicheck and not because you think he cheats or not thats not what this is about but he is one of the smartest coaches to ever be on an NFL sideline HANDS DOWN. Feige is in the same vein where once Iron Man came out and they created the MCU with Phase 1 going onto the Phase they are on now many studios have decided to take suit and follow that model and even the greatest franchise in history Star Wars is doing the same thing which says a lot for how well he has done things over there. Now over at Warner Brothers their head coach for all of this is basically a carousel of people and that needs to be stopped as well or they will be stuck in the mud forever until you can have one man or woman right the ship much like a Kathleen Kennedy or Kevin Feige because right now Zack Snyder is not it at all.

It did not help at all and personally kind of freaked me out when it was announced he would be fronting the DCEU and looking at his resume I love Dawn Of The Dead a lot and 300 wasn't awful either but The Guardians Of Gahoole(Owl Movie) and Sucker Punch really rubbed people the wrong way and even Man Of Steel was considered a divisive film because the end sequence was something that hardcore Superman fans said he would never do under any circumstances but Snyder decided to be bold and do it anyways. Another thing he did that I mentioned previously in Batman V Superman was Warner Brothers worked tirelessly to find a great person to play Clark Kent and model Superman perfectly and when they find him in Man Of Steel Snyder decides to choose the storyline comic that kills him and while the issue is iconic to fans it was a bit of a head scratcher because he is only going to come back in Justice League and every person viewing that film knew he wasn't REALLY dead so it was a wasted storyline that Snyder decided to boldly take. When you look at the big heads over at Warner Brothers it is something where they need to literally treat this like they are a jury and unless they come to common ground on a smart and logical executive then its too late. Because in all honesty the reason Ben Affleck left directing The Batman was because so many cooks were trying to get their hands in the pot when it was HIS movie he was making from scratch and doing as much as he could on his own with some help from Geoff Johns.

So once the brass at Warner Brothers is able to lay out who stays and who goes away to being a free agent then they need that one name to be the leader and coach this universe in the right direction for years to even decades. Doing this and reporting that they are confident that this one person and one alone will be heading the division and choosing directors and so on then it might give confidence to some of the directors that left the project much like The Flash and maybe Ben would come back if he realized he wont get messed with anymore during the creative process and making things easier to start shooting sooner rather then later.

San Diego Comic Con Time!

When San Diego Comic Con rolls around there needs to be a 5-10 year plan in place where multiple whiteboards are used or whatever you need because you can guarantee that its being done at the competitions company and they are destroying at the moment. So in the plan you need backup plans to keep the course going and on track just in case someone injures themselves or god forbid there is a death during shooting which we would never want but unfortunately it has happened. When it comes time for the brand new DCEU to come present themselves they are going to rope a dope the crowd and the head coach of it all will come out and introduce himself and talk about the brand new take no prisoners philosophy over at DC and Warner Brothers and while some directors weren't able to hold back during the moment this wont be a time to bash Marvel and try and knock them down because no matter how many times you call Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cheaters they can't hear you or wont pay attention to you because they do nothing but win. So remind and convince the audience that this is possible and nothing at Warner Brothers is in trouble in any way and then while the audience might be like "Yeah yeah heard this before" then you will bring out the cast of directors you will use for the next slate of films. Yes I am saying it...You will already sign on your directors for every single film you want to put out even if it is coming out in 2020 so if that man or woman signs on then just tell them to keep a window open in 2019 and then be sure to have a back up on the bench if they drop out from overtime in shooting. Lastly the coach is going to surprise the thousands in attendance by bringing out Ben last as the director of the Batman because lets be honest him not directing his dream project is like when Joe Montana played for Kansas City it was weird and didnt fit. Before you decide to bring on the heat and come on in with numbers then you will have the longest time in Hall H as well because you are making a statement and something where once everyone leaves the hall fans will be amped to see the slate without even seeing any footage. The next step in the process for the coach is to point to the screen and say "Here is our brand new slate of films coming" and say it with nothing but confidence and when it shows up you will have something like...

The Batman-2018


Justice League Part 2-2018

Green Lantern Corps-2019

Man Of Steel 2-2019

The Flash-2019


Teen Titans-2020

Suicide Squad 2/Birds Of Prey/Gotham City Sirens-2020

Justice League:Rock Of Ages-2021

With that slate you are solidifying your brand and what you want to sell to the fans over just 3-4 years and you are putting out a handful of films and filming them simultaneously to the point where if one needs to cameo in anothers film to further the mythology and story then they will already be suited and booted to go for it. You might think and say that this is overly ambitious and not possible but Peter Jackson did this with Lord Of The Rings and those films are now a classic trilogy and if you really want to dig deep the last 2 Fifty Shades movies are shooting back to back to further progress and production so if freakin Fifty Shades can get it done then Warner Brothers and DC can most definitely do it as well.

Now here is where you pile it on and basically bring on a full on blitz to the audience and this is where by now if they aren't sold since they have seen any footage they will see the cast for not just the upcoming films in 2018 but the casts for EVERY film slated for release. One by one each films cast will come out for whoever is in attendance and then it shows fans that if Warner Brothers wanted to shoot The Batman tomorrow and have Affleck and Joe Manginello as Deathstroke and in this case I am adding Leto teasing a cameo in the film for future meetings in the sequel because honestly why not follow Christopher Nolan's blueprint where the first Batman had a villain who wasn't well known and then throw you the MVP at the tail end of the first one to set you up for the sequel and get you hyped more then ever. With other releases above like Green Lantern Corp you will have your Hal Jordan and John Stewart present and the coach wont say the actors name they will be addressed by the character name for the effect. Then another teaser before they go and the Warner Brothers panel closes is you will bring out Grant Gustin,Stephen Amell,Melissa Benoist and the TV division and say Flash and Arrow and Supergirl will be coming to the DCEU as well! Then after thunderous applause and cheering you would have the audience look below there seats and there will be bags taped to the seats with swag for every fan and every bag will have a poster of the slate to hang up and look forward to and once that word gets out it could be one of the most iconic and remembered Hall H panels like X-Men did with Days Of Future Past and when the first teaser for Batman V Superman came out announcing the film for the first time.

The Aftermath..

Now I know and understand that this whole article is basically one big pipe dream and something that will most likely never happen seeing how Warner Brothers never wants to change their mind and set a new course to where they wont have to hit the reset button half way through their slate. In this situation you would be able to have many pieces together and not cramming everyone together in one film since that was already done in Batman V Superman and I am not including Suicide Squad in this since it was considered a team up film in the first place. But having all of those pieces together and one person and ONLY ONE righting the ship much like a Kathleen Kennedy or Kevin Feige then I personally do not see how you could not be well on your way to success for the DCEU and Warner Brothers making the DC film franchise amazing and keeping up with heavyweights like Marvel and Fox and Disney and basically telling them that while their reigns in the game have been coming easy that there is a new kid in town and he is coming in whether you like him or not.

In closing, Warner Brother will never EVER EVER in a billion years sell off the rights to DC entertainment to anyone and if anyone thinks they have the same rules as Marvel where they need to still retain some of their heavy hitters from FOX and other studios because when Warner Brothers bought DC they bought EVERYTHING and are going to keep it until the day they die. So instead of having them basically take away every actor we know so far in the universe and get rid of them for something brand new when you can learn to adapt around the known talent to make things better in the long run.

Justice League Trailer

Wonder Woman Trailer


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