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Blues Guitar Music And Bass Guitar Lesson

Updated on August 6, 2009


I think you will have fun learning a blues guitar lesson online. I will teach you how to play some blues in part. The blues is one of my favorite genres of music.

Blues on the guitar is so much fun to play and it is not very hard at all.

I think rock music came from the blues. A few people may disagree with me. Blues is a lay back and talk about your day kinda music. It is easy to improvise your own words with blues music.

If you have had a rough day, get out your guitar and start playing those blues. The troubles and stresses of the day will just melt away...Aaahhh, almost as good as getting a massage...

Quick Bass Lesson

The normal bass has four strings but there are also basses with five strings. On the four string bass, the strings are E A D G.These are the same as the first four strings of the guitar.

The bass fretboard is a lot like the guitar fretboard. For instance, the E string open is going to obviously be the E note. If you put your finger on the first fret of the E string, it is going to be an F. Then if you move up one fret, it is going to be an F#. Moving up one more fret produces a G. And so on and so forth....This is the same on all of the strings. On the A string, left open it is obviously an A....and on and on....

There are a few ways you can tune a bass. Much like the guitar, you can tune it with a piano, pressing the low E (the E right below middle C). Press the A to tune the A string, the D for the D string, and the G for the G string. You can also use an electric tuner as well as a pitch pipe.

There are other ways to tune a bass as well, but I will go over them on another page. Next in this bass guitar lesson, we will go over plucking the strings. There are many ways to pluck the strings. The most common way is either using your index finger and middle finger or you can just use one finger. You can also use a pick. It is not very common to use a pick but there are people who do.

For instance, the bass player for The Newsboys uses a pick. So how you want to pluck the bass is up to you.

You will find that there are many types of bass guitars. There is your average four string bass. There is a five string bass.  The five string bass a string before the E. It is a B. Then there is an acoustic bass for those of you who like to play more "old style."

Blues On The Bass Guitar

Now I will tell you how to play blues guitar for the bass guitar.

The bass has an important role in blues music, just as it has an important role in other genres. I am going to teach you a very common blues riff.

We will start on A. Put your finger (this finger can be whichever one you choose to use. I usually use my index and my ring fingers) on the fifth fret of the E string. This makes the A note.

The next note we will be making is the C#. Put your finger on the fourth fret on the A string. This is a C#.

The next note is the E note. Put your finger on the seventh fret on the A string. This makes the E.

Now do a series of repetitions. Practice playing A C# E C#, over and over as this is what you will do when you play a bass during a song. Repetition is necessary when learning how to play blues guitar for the bass.

The next part of the riff is the D note. Put your finger on the fifth fret of the A string. This makes a D.

Then for the F# note. Put your finger on the fourth fret of the D string. Now you have made an F#.

Next for the A note. Put your finger on the seventh fret of the D string. This is an A.

Now practice this new riff, playing D F# A F3. Play it over and over.

Now combine the two riffs together.

The final part of the riff is the E G# B notes.

Now for the E note. Put your finger on the seventh fret of the A string. This is the E.

Next is the G#. Put your finger on the sixth fret of the D string. This is G#.

The final note is B. Put your finger on the ninth fret of the D string. This is the B.

Now put them together. Practice playing E G# B G# over and over.

Practice all of the riffs in the order I have given them to you until you can easily move from one note to the next.

Together this is a great blues riff and you can use this starting off on any fret you want. All you have to do is use the same style. And that is it for the lesson on how to play blues for the bass guitar.


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    • penrose profile image

      penrose 6 years ago from Grand Prairie, Tx

      The riffs you are describing are called triads. The progression is I-IV-V in a 12 bar blues. A good general rule for the bass and the blues is to remember that any group of notes one fret behind and two frets forward of your root note can be labeled a walking bassline for the blues.