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Blues, Rock ,Great Songs by Lee Pantel

Updated on July 11, 2010

Blues Rock Lee Pantel From Michigan!

Lee Pantel
Lee Pantel
Lee Pantel Blues Rock  "Human Emotion"
Lee Pantel Blues Rock "Human Emotion"
Lee Pantel in the studio
Lee Pantel in the studio

Blues, Rock, And Contemporary Ballads - Lee Pantel " Human Emotion" Has It All!!!!

You name it Lee's got it!! His New Album " Human Emotion" Has a flavor full style on its own. A blend of Blues, Rock, and contemporary love songs. Lee has produced and written all of his own songs. He has also performed at the legendary Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit Michigan!

Lee Pantel grew up in Michigan he is not only a creative singer/songwriter; he is an accomplished self taught guitarist and pianist. "I believe that music and the arts in general is such a great gift from God. Self expression through the vibration of words and music is medicine for the human soul with great healing power. Songs, especially writing songs can be very therapeutic and I am very happy to finally share some of my thoughts and feelings with the world. My hope is that someone might connect and understand what I am trying to say and the result would impact the world in some positive manner!

Lee also has a big heart he has donated a portion of his album sales to the University Of Michigan Adrenal Cancer Foundation for a charity fund raiser when he performed in Detroit.

Lee is working on his Live TV Blog performances coming soon!

You can check out his website at and sign up to be a fan and receive emails and up and coming performances. Hear a sample of Lees songs right on his website.

You can also check him out on Face Book and also become a fan.


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