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Bob Finger Family Song And Learn More Educational Songs With Bob…

Updated on September 25, 2015

When we introduced you’ll to Bob The Train and his nursery rhymes sometime ago, you’ll gave him your whole heated acceptance. And made him the most popular preschool teacher in kiddie town! Recently, we made Bob The Train’s Finger Family known to you’ll. And they too were warmed and charmed by your love, with close to a million hits on their kids video in under a week! In fact, Daddy Train was so overwhelmed by the reception he received at Bob Station, that he told Bob to give all you babies a one hour forty five minute big return gift. A Bob The Train nursery rhymes compilation of all your favorite and important educational rhymes. We hope you babies continue to spend quality time with Bob and his family. And keep listening to Bob Finger Family Song. So they too can give back some affection in the form of baby videos for you’ll to learn from.


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