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Bobby Brown Tell All Book 'Every Little Step' Pulls No Punches!

Updated on December 15, 2016
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

For the past thirty years, Brown has been one of the most captivating artists who has crossed over numerous musical fields like hip-hop, R&B, and mainstream. During his run in the music industry, he hits on the Billboard top ten list, won soul train award, American Music Award as well as several Grammy awards. But when Brown married Houston he put his career on hold to attempt to love a woman who took control of the music industry.

But with the marriage being perhaps one of the most closely watched, stressful lived and talked about marriage of the world—the married never stood a real chance, and the gossip industry made all kinds of claims. The last couple of years have been ups and downs for Brown, so he is finally ready to set the record straight to the world and all the big gossipers. Now the world will be able to hear the entire story from the mouth of “bad boy" Bobby Brown himself.

Every Little Step, as the title proposes, is a memoir that will walk readers’ through the wild and immersed life of platinum-selling artists who have lived a life that was hard to tame as he had so much going on in his life. He made some good decisions, individual bad choices, and the selected ones will shock many as some are easy for most to believe. Brown is willing and ready for the first time to share a tell-all memoir that will be accompanied by Nick Chiles as he will tell the full story of his life and the most influential people who surround him.

Bobby has spent his entire life being judged in the eyes of the public; now the platinum-selling artists will tell his side in a tell-all memoir that will respond to all the questions society had, and some they didn’t think of asking. Brown will be discussing the good and bad times, his past married life with legendary Whitney Houston, his childhood, Bobbi Kristina's Death and so many more shocking stories. The book will even share testimonials from his former New Edition colleague Ralph Tresvant, family members and the producer of the memoir Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

Every Little Step, is a memoir that will share each and every step of Bobby Brown’s life beginning with his childhood, his time with the New Edition. Followed by him leaving the group to his solos days. Also, how he met his former wife Whitney Houston, their late married and the childhood of Bobbi Kristina. Her death and his married life with Alicia Etheredge-Brown. From the reviews of the memoir, the entire book will consist of many shocking stories and will be amusing to read.

This book will detail a lot of Brown bad boy behaviors, as well as a lot on his late former wife Whitney Houston’s shocking stories. Brown share details of his many sexual affairs, including a relationship with Janet Jackson and Madonna that many knew nothing about. He set the record straight about his drug problems, and his many run in with the law. Brown shared his primary focus for writing a tell-all book was to put a stop to the persistent gossip that he didn't like about all the raw and powerful chatter that have been surfing about him and his late wife Whitney Houston for many years.

Brown share and insists he did not get late wife Houston sprung on drugs, she was using cocaine before and after he recover from it and he was not responsible for her death. He shares in the book as well as on a special with Robin Roberts “bad girl” behaviors of Houston. Brown said she was bisexual and claims she had a romantic relationship with her best friend, Robyn. Also, he said Houston even cheated on him with different partners in which one partner was the late Tupac Shakur and several producers and entertainers she worked with.

Brown shared in the memoir Houston struggled with “perfect” public appearance, there were a lot of expectations placed on her which made her have insecurities. But regarding who Houston was and who the audience thought she was, was entirely different. Brown said Houston might look good on the outside, robust and sturdy but the inside; she was someone who had many family issues and emotional personal issues and secrets and struggles.

Brown want to share with the world the actual story in his memoir of his battled with his former mother-in-law Cissy Houston, and the Houston family members and how they're intended to keep him from his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Brown shared how they attempted to seal his “nefarious” reputation. However, he refuses to take the blame for his late wife or daughter death as He disastrously writes, “Both Whitney and Kristi had been tragically lost on their watch, not mine.

What are your thoughts and reviews of the Tell-All Book 'Every Little Step'. Do you feel it's a book worth reading and will you purchase it to know all?

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      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

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