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Bobby and Whitney

Updated on August 25, 2010

Bobby and Whitney

Bobby and Whitney

by Chuck RitenouR 9-14-2K6

1st verse:

Bobby loved Whitney so he made her his wife

swore he'd love her till the end of his life

Bobby spent her money like it was his own

and that damned crack pipe broke up their happy home.

2nd verse:

Now it was his prerogative do all he could do

soon it was Whitney's prerogative too

we watched her millions disappear toke by toke

and watched CNN as their marriage went up in smoke

3rd verse:

Bobby felt more like a man when he slapped her around

did some time in jail for actin' the clown

Whitney stood beside him said she'd rather fighyt than switch

make poor Bobby feel like he was her bitch.

4th verse:

So it came as no suprise in the news today

Bobby and whitney went their seperate ways

Before the dust settles and this story ends

Bobby will be forgotten and Whitney a big star again.

the end.


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