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Bob's Burgers Episodes Summaries for Season 1

Updated on February 9, 2016

The first episode of Bob's Burgers, Human Flesh, aired on January 9th 2011 and Finished on May 22nd 2011.

Human Flesh

Human Flesh, first aired on January 9th, 2011.

In this first ever episode its a big weekend for Bob and the family, and in order to attract customers Bob sends Gene out front with some samples. The family hopes of making a profit seem to be dashed after rogue health inspector, and Linda's former fiance, Hugo, shows up at the restaurant.

Due to Louise telling her class that the restaurant's burgers are made of human remains from the funeral home next door, Hugo puts a sign in the window stating that the food may contain human flesh. Hugo refuses to expedite the test to prove what the burgers are made of.

A protest soon erupts outside the restaurant and Bob fails to reason with the protesters, one of whom breaks his window. At the last minute a group of adventurous eaters shows up and are interested in eating at the restaurant. Unfortunately Hugo's co-worker, Ron, shows up with the test results at the same time the club arrives and nearly ruins the whole thing. The Belchers end up making a large profit and it ends up being a good weekend for the family.

Crawl Space

Crawl Spaced aired on January 16th, 2011.

Bob's in-laws are coming to visit and the roof of the Belcher's apartment has been leaking, and Linda insists that Bob fix it before her parents arrive. Bob fixes the leak, and explores the crawl space. Not wanting to deal with his annoying mother-in-law, Gloria, Bob pretends to be stuck in the crawl space in order to avoid her.

With Bob being stuck in the crawl space and their grandparents visiting, the Belcher kids all end up in trouble at school. Louise frightens her classmates by holding a fake seance, claiming Bob is dead, Gene gets in trouble after presenting an inappropriate history report, and Tina, who can't sleep thanks to her grand parents' night time activities, falls into the boys locker room when she decides to sleep in the ceiling at school.

The school guidance counselor, Mr. Frond, decides to intervene with a home visit. Meanwhile, Linda has discovered Bob was previously faking, when he tries to get out of the wall and tells the contractor Teddy, that they don't need him to get Bob out. Bob starts to go crazy in the wall and Gloria calls the fire department to get him out. Mr. Frond and the kids arrive while this chaos in ensuing, and Mr. Frond decides to call social services. Gloria, however manages to convince him to leave the family alone, and Bob develops a new respect for her.

Sacred Cow

Sacred Cow aired on January 23rd, 2011.

Bob is exited about the fact that he will soon serve his 100,000th burger until documentary director, Randy, shows up at the restaurant to make a film about him being a cow killer. Randy glues a wig on a steer and tells Bob he has to decide the fate of the animal, within a certain period of time. Ironically the presence of the documentary crew brings Bob more business.

Bob however beings to feel guilty after he has a crazy dream, and brings the steer into the apartment when Randy leaves it outside in the cold, because he fears it will freeze to death. Linda is not happy after it pees on her carpet, but particularly after Tina mentions that cows can't go downstairs. Linda however manages to get it out of the apartment using a little ingenuity and ties it up back outside. However, when the family checks on it the next morning the cow is gone.

By going back into the documentary footage Rand and the Belchers soon discover that the cow was taken by a couple who owns a petting zoo and they go there to get the cow back. After rescuing the cow, Randy, tells Bob he must now decide its fate. Bob never gets that chance as the cow has a heart attack after nearly being hit by a van. Bob faints and has a weird hallucination, in which the cow encourages him to make it into burgers. Bob decides to do this and calls it "The Rest in Peas Burger," as a tribute to the cow.

Sexy Dance Fighting

Sexy Dance Fighting aired on February 13th, 2011.

When Tina develops a crush on a instructor, who teaches a Brazilian form of self-defense, she registers for the class and soon starts spending as much time as possible at the capoeira studio. This soon interferes with her responsibilities at the restaurant and Bob ends up in a confrontation with the instructor, Jairo. Bob ends up pooping his pants (after delaying going to the bathroom) when Jairo knocks him to the ground. Angry and embarrassed, Bob forbids Tina to attend anymore classes.

Meanwhile Louise wanting her father to take revenge, calls Jario and has him come to the restaurant to encourage Tina to come back to the studio. Though Bob grounds her, Tina is defiant and goes to classes anyway. On the day Tina is supposed to get her yellow cord Bob stays home while the family goes to watch. He however changes his mind and shows up.

Jairo however makes things personal, when he fails Tina simply because Bob is present and he dislikes him. Bob then confronts him about it and gets into a fight with him when he tries to take Tina's yellow cord. Tina meanwhile realizes in spite of his good looks, Jario is a jerk and gets the whole class to cheer on Bob. Bob looses but he and Tina form a stronger bond as a result of him sticking up for her.

Hamburger Dinner Theater

Hamburger Dinner Theater aired on February 2011.

After attending dinner theater and some encouragement from friend and neighbor Mort, Linda decides to have her own dinner theater at the restaurant. The first show is shut down after Mort's props end up being too gory. On the second night the show seems to be a failure until the Belchers are robbed during the middle of the show, and the audience thinks it is part of the show after the robber sings with Linda.

As a result of the robbery the show gets rave reviews. The next day a man who stops by the restaurant reveals himself as the robber and Bob calls the police. Because Bob calls the police the man robs him again and Linda is mad at Bob for ruing her show. That evening at the final show, when Bob sees how the audience is reacting, he makes a quick robbers costume using a cloth napkin and a chefs hat, and grabs a bottle of ketchup to use as a gun in an attempt to save the show. It doesn't work but Linda appreciates his effort knowing how much he dislikes dinner theater.

Sheesh! Cab, Bob?

Sheesh! Cab, Bob? aired on March 6th, 2011.

When the family decides that Tina should have a special party for her 13th birthday the costs start to add up when she decides she wants to close the restaurant, invite her whole class and have a smoke machine and a DJ. Knowing he can't afford it Bob asks his Landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, for an extension on the rent. Mr. Fischoder doesn't give it to him but instead offers Bob a job driving one of his cabs in order to make some extra money to pay for the party.

Bob works at the restaurant during the day and drives the cab at night, but as a result of working two jobs he is soon totally exhausted. During his stint as a taxi driver Bob meets a variety of wild characters, who after a drunken night he ends up inviting to Tina's party. Meanwhile Jimmy Pesto refuses to let his son Jimmy Jr. come to Tina's party, leaving her heartbroken. She then gets mad at Bob when he refuses to shave his mustache and give it to Jimmy who tells him that his the only way he will let his son attend.

Bob shaves his mustache in an attempt to save Tina's party but then decides not give it to Jimmy after, some of his cab customers reveal one of Jimmy's embarrassing secrets which Bob black mails him with in order to get Jimmy Jr. for Tina's party. Tina is thrilled, particularly when she has her first kiss with Jimmy Jr.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast aired on March 13th, 2011.

In order to make some extra money during a long weekend, Linda decides to turn the Belcher's apartment into a bed & breakfast and rents out Tina and Gene's rooms, who end up bunking with Bob and Linda. Linda however becomes frustrated when the guest are ungrateful and don't want to participate in any of the activities she has planned. While venting to Teddy, she decides to rent out Louise's room to him in order to get her perfect guest.

Louise however is not happy to be kicked out of her room and decides to do what ever it takes to drive Teddy out. Her first attempt using the insect specimens of another guest on Teddy fails but she soon learns Teddy's one weak point after overhearing him talking to Gene. Louise then uses Linda's credit card to book a bunch of animal mascotts. Upon seeing them, Teddy freaks out and starts beating them up. Bob the points out to Linda that she has lost control of the B&B. Linda then has to apologize to Louise in order to get her other guest out of their rooms, as Linda has locked them in and lost the keys, and Louise knows how to pick locks. Louise accepts her apology and agrees to help.

In the end the Belcher's apartment is in complete disarray but Linda declares the B& B a success.

Art Crawl

Art Crawl aired on March 20th, 2011.

When Linda allows her sister Gayle to hang her paintings their subject matter drives Bob's business away and gets him into a fight with the owner of a local art supply store and chair person of the Art Crawl, Edith. Bob begs Linda to take down the paintings of animal butts, but she insists that Gayle is too emotionally fragile to handle the truth about her art work.

Bob however changes his mind, when Edith shows up and insists that he can't hang them. He then commissions Gayle to make a new series of animal butt paintings. One morning the family goes down to the restaurant to find that someone has painted underwear on the animals. Furious Bob goes down to the art supply store to confront Edith and ends up painting anuses on several works in the shop. He is then arrested when Edith decides to press charges. With Bob about to be dragged off to jail, Linda confesses it was actually her who painted the underwear, as she couldn't take looking at the paintings anymore.

Louise then ends up getting Bob off the hook by using money she earned selling the Pesto twin's art to pay for the paintings. Meanwhile Gayle is completly oblivious to the fact her sister wrecked her paintings, and despite Linda's promise to be honest with her in the future, she is unable to tell Gayle the truth when she shows the family her improved paintings.

Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

Spaghetti Western and Meatballs aired March 27th, 2011.

After Bob and Gene start bonding over a series of spaghetti western films, Louise becomes jealous. Bob and Linda end up getting picked to cater the fundraiser for Tina's conflict resolution club, which is hosted by Mr. Frond. The Banjo films Gene and Bob watch together, inspire Gene to stick up to Choo-choo, a boy at school who steals his jokes, using Louise's toy guitar. Louise who is becoming increasingly annoyed with Gene's behaviour starts a food fight and she and Gene end up in Mr. Frond's office with Bob.

Mr. Frond fails to solve the problem and then bans Bob from catering the fundraiser after he and Bob start fighting after Bob says Mr. Frond's conflict resolution strategy is dumb. Louise and Gene end up in detention with Choo-choo for participating in the food fight. Louise then feeds the animosity between Gene and Choo-choo, and Gene end up in a fight after detention which Bob stops, only to get chases by Choo-choo's father who wants to beat him up for stopping the fight.

While Bob, Gene and Louise are hiding in a tube slide, Bob confronts Louise about her bratty behaviour. Louise reveals she was only acting that way because Bob and Gene stopped hanging out with her. Bob then shows Mr. Frond he is willing to work on his conflict resolution skills and the spaghetti dinner goes ahead.

Burger War

Burger War aired April 10th, 2011.

Hoping to impress Mr. Fischoeder, so that he will renew the family's lease, Bob tries to impress him with his burgers. Unfortunately Mr. Fischoeder chokes on the burger and nearly dies, and Bob doesn't get the break he was hoping for. Instead the family has until Friday night to pay their lease or Jimmy Pesto will take it over as a place for his gift shop. In a bind the family brainstorms ideas to get enough business, and end up going with Linda's idea of 50% off your order for 1 night only.

Gene and Tina go to hand out the fliers at the pier. Meanwhile Louise is trying to use Vodoo to help the family business, as well as get Jimmy Jr. to notice Tina and get Gene a music gig. The family has hope that they raise their rent money until Jimmy Jr. set up a promotion stating that their fliers are good for 50% off & a free t-shirt at his restaurant. Feeling the pressure Bob makes min-sample sized burgers of his "Meatsiah" burger to hand out at Jimmy's in order to get the money the family needs.

Bob is forced to hand out the samples at Jimmy's in Gene's burger suit after the family abandons him to go to Jimmy's, when Gene gets his gig and Tina gets to dance with Jimmy Jr. Bob and Jimmy then get into a shoving match outside, and Mr. Fischoeder takes bets on the fight when he shows up. After the fight, they all head back to Bob's place where Mr.Fischoeder plans on telling Bob he will not renew. Mr. Fischoeder, however tries Bob's Meatsiah burger and realizing that Bob is more of an artist than a businessman decides to renew the family's lease.

Weekend at Mort's

Weekend at Mort's aired on May 8th, 2011.

After the restaurant is shut down by Hugo due to green mold, the Belcher's are invited to stay with Mort while its being fumigated. The family expects Mort's apartment to be creepy but are pleasantly surprised to find that its really nice. Mort even offers to watch the kids to give Bob and Linda some time to themselves. Linda thinks that she will get the honeymoon she never had, but Bob would rather build his model of the Bus from Speed. Angry with Bob Linda decides to do a bunch of couples activities alone.

Meanwhile the kids set Mort up on a date with a lady he's been chatting with on a dating site for morticians. When Linda convinces Bob to go on a double date with Mort. Tina end up babysitting Gene and Louise. Louise then decides to play a prank on her siblings and scare them for her own entertainment. When Bob gets upset while having dinner at Jimmy Pesto's he goes back to Mort's. Drunk, Bob decides it is a good idea to sleep in a coffin. Tina and Gene still on edge from Louise's prank, think she is fooling them again when they first hear Bob's snoring. Once they realize, Louise isn't playing another trick on them they become convinced there is a Zombie in the coffin and try to cremate it.

When they realize its Bob, the kids manage to pull the coffin out just on time. Mort and his date, Samantha, then show up and Bob asks them to watch the kids while he goes to find Linda. Bob makes up with Linda and they both think that Hugo will shut down Jimmy Pesto's when they discover green mold, Hugo however just tells Jimmy to put bleach on it.

Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest aired on May 15th, 2011.

When a hurricane heads for town, the towns Lobster Fest is cancelled. Bob who hates Lobster Fest, partially because he is allergic, decides to stay open in ope of making some money. When a bunch of people who were planning on attending the festival show up, a party develops at the restaurant. Bob ends up deciding not charge anyone for the food or beer, upsetting Linda who points out that he only stayed open to make money.

The hurricane ends up missing the town, but the restaurant ends up being destroyed by the people who Bob gave free food and beer. When he discovers Lobster Fest is back on, Bob goes and tries to get people to help him clean up the restaurant. He threatens the butter when no one wants to help, but starts to back off when Linda reminds him this isn't who he is. Unfortunately one of the cops accidentally shoots off her beanbag gun and Bob falls into the butter contaminating it.

Just before the mob is about to destroy Bob, Hugo steps in and declares that the butter isn't contaminated until he says so. He only does so after Ron reminds him that Bob set him up with Gretchen, and that he would still be single without Bob's help. After testing Hugo determines it is fit for everyone except for babies and people with compromised immune systems. Hugo later shows up for a surprise inspection at the restaurant when Gretchen dumps him.


Torpedo aired on May 22nd, 2011.

After buying an ad at the baseball park Bob meets his hero, Torpedo at a game they attend. Torpedo gets Gene into the mascot races and even lets the family sit in his seats to watch Gene races at games. After Bob gives starts giving Torpedo a burger before each game, he soon discovers that Torpedo is using his burger grease to cheat. After a talk with Mr. Fischoeder, the owner of the team Bob decides to keep supplying Torpedo with the grease and inadvertently encourages Gene to cheat during his mascot races. Due to the baseball team stopping by the restaurant after games, the Belcher's buisness increases.

When Linda finds out Gene is cheating at the races, she and Bob decide its time to cut Torpedo off in order to set a good example. Bob then talks to Torpedo and discovers that his cheating started long before they met. After being cut off, Torpedo kicks the Belchers out of his seats. In order to convince Gene not to cheat Bob barges his way into the announcer's booth, and talks to him using an announcers microphone.

Gene decides to listen to his father but ends up being pushed by the pelican mascot and looses. Bob then points out that karma caught up to him and Mr. Fischoeder insists that there is no such thing, until the roller coaster he has been taking wood from to build new benches for the park, collapses. Mr. Fischoeder then reveals he admires Bob who reminds him of his father.


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