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Bob's Burgers Episodes Summaries for Season 2

Updated on February 9, 2016

Season 2 of Bob's Burgers premiered on March 11th, 2012 with The Belchies and wrapped up on May 20th, 2012 with Beefsquatch. The season was incredibly short with only 9 episodes.

The Belchies

The Belchies aired on March 11th, 2012.

After Teddy tells the kids a story about a treasure in an abandoned taffy factory, that is supposed to be a joke, they decide it is real and head out to find it the night before the factory is to be demolished. Tina invites Jimmy Jr. hoping to get closer to him. Jimmy Jr. then proceeds to invite Zeke and his won twin brothers Andy and Ollie. Louise is angry with Tina as a result and when the kids get stuck in an elevator, she ditches the older kids by climbing through a hole in its floor, along with Andy and Ollie.

Meanwhile Bob and Linda who have planned a romantic night, discover that the kids are not at home after they check on them because they believe the house is too quiet. Linda then reads Tina's diary and discovers that the kids are at the Taffy factory, and she and Bob go to find them. Back at the factory the older kids have managed to get out of the elevator and Louise has gotten stuck in a booby trap (a deep section of the tunnel), and is forced to send Andy and Ollie for help.

When Bob and Linda arrive they find Gene and Tina, due to the fact that Gene is shouting is own name to hear the echo in the factory's underground tunnel. The four of them then find the Pesto kids and Zeke, who are caught in another booby trap, a net hanging from the ceiling. After freeing them, the Pesto twins lead them to Louise.The group struggles to come up with a plan to save Louise, but Tina ends up providing one that works after she decides to stop pretending to be helpless to impress Jimmy Jr.

They then face the next challenge when they realize that the factory is being demolished. Gene decides he wants to play Aqua Boogie one last time if he's going to die, and by hitting a wall with a brick helps discover that it is hollow. Bob kicks through the wall and the group escapes onto the beach. The kids didn't find any treasure, but at the end of the episode it is revealed that Taff, the dummy Louise found contained a gold bar, when he is washed out into the ocean.

Bob Day Afternoon

Bob Day Afternoon aired on March 18th, 2012.

After attempting to work and failing to work out his loan with the bank across the street, Bob returns to the restaurant just before a robber holds up it. Sargent Bosco and the police use the restaurant as their headquarters while trying to end the hostage situation that has resulted due to the robbery. Bob and Linda are excited because the police are ordering so many coffees, and the restaurant might end up on TV.

Meanwhile the robber decides he wants pizza, so the cops order some from Jimmy Pesto's and send it over. The robber ,Mickey, hates the pizza so much he shoots the boxes. The police then offer to send him something else, and Bob uses the opportunity to suggest his burgers. The police convince Bob to deliver the burgers himself, however Bob ends up as a hostage when the cops try to shoot Mickey during the delivery and fail. Louise decides to write about Mickey for her school essay, and talks to him on the phone. She also manages to get him to send Tina's money from her bank account over using Gene's remote control car.

Over the phone Bosco tells Bob that the police have planted tear gas set to go off at a certain time, and tell him to hit the deck when it goes off. Mickey calls his former robbery partner Rodney at a halfway house trying to get advice about what to do. However, Rodney is aware that this could get him in trouble and he hangs up. Bob then convinces Mickey he has to end the robbery on his terms, and Mickey decides he wants to go over to the restaurant and have one of Bob's burgers. Mickey and the hostages, then switch locations with the police. The police have seemingly forgot about the tear gas, and end up gassing themselves. While this is happening Mickey tries to make a run for it and is caught.

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming aired on March 25th, 2012.

The Belcher kids are sick of gym so in order to get out of it they trick Mr. Frond into letting them do independent study. They are supposed to be synchronized swimming but instead they skip out of school. Things change however when Linda finds out that they forged her name on the form, and she makes them go to the pool. Louise, Tina and Gene, manage to delay things for as long as possible by making various excuses. After other kids from school join the class, Linda discovers that her kids don't take it seriously and she quits.

The Belcher kids are happy to be back to doing what they want, until Mr. Frond reveals that he has invited the school board to judge a performance put on by the class, and if they fail they will all go to summer school. Tina, Louise and Gene beg Linda to come back but she refuses and Bob ends up taking over because he can't afford to have the kids away from the restaurant over the summer. Bob convinces the kids they can fake their way through a routine, but Louise ends up trying to sabotage the performance before it starts.

Louise even poops in the pool to make sure they don't have to perform but Mr. Frond insists they have to swim in the empty pool after it has bee drained. With Bob in the lead the kids are clearly failing, until Linda arrives and uses some moves from her pre-natal yoga to help the kids pass the performance. Independent study is cancelled, and the kids have to go back to gym class but they don't have go to summer school.


Burgerboss aired on April 1st, 2012.

Bob leases a video game for the restaurant in hopes of earning some extra money. The machine soon becomes a problem after Jimmy Pesto beats Bob's high score and write Bob Sux as his player name. Bob becomes obsessed with trying to beat Jimmy's score in order to erase Bob Sux from the leader board and spends all of his time on the game until Linda steps in and gets rid of it. Bob is furious with Linda and tracks the game down to Family Fun Time, unfortunately he cannot get in with out kids.

Bob returns to Family Fun Time with the kids after lying to Linda, saying they are taking sailing lessons. Bob gives the kids each one token and then goes off to try to beat the game. The kids can't do anything with one token however and decide to crash a birthday party to pass the time. Daryl, a video game ace agrees to teach Bob, on the condition that Bob beats up his bully, Tyler. Meanwhile the kids get sick of crashing birthday parties and crash a gala at a yacht club.

Bob who is under the influence of painkillers, prescribed by a doctor for his carpal tunnel caused by playing the game, ends up chasing Tyler, who is a son of the yacht club president to the yacht club and causing havoc. Linda then gets a call to come down there and assumes it is a good thing, and gets all dressed up to go down there. When she arrives she discovers Bob's condition and that her kids were stealing food, the kids also reveal what they have really been doing instead of taking sailing lessons.

The Belchers end up banned for the club but are okay with it because the members are snobs. Bob claims he is okay with Bob Sux being on the game but secretly pays Daryl to knock it off the leader board.

Food Truckin

Food Truckin aired on April 15th, 2012.

After failing to compete with the food trucks outside the restaurant Bob decides to buy a food truck in order to steal his customers back. He eventually ends up driving the truck around to try to get more customers. With all the costs associated with the truck the family isn't making any money. Bob then finds out from Randy (the documentary director from Sacred Cow), that the real way to make money is on the festival circuit. Bob decides to attend a food festival after Randy tells him the prize for best truck is $1000.

The family closes the restaurant and hits the road, with Linda driving. The truck has an adverse affect on Linda's temper as she develops terrible road rage and knock the mirrors off of competing truck and drives on the sidewalk in order to get into the festival grounds quicker. With her new new persona, Dina, Tina decides she wants to hand out samples and lies to hipsters telling them what they want to hear in order to sell burgers. Meanwhile Louise writes horrible things about the other trucks on Chowster, driving the customers to the family's truck.

The Belcher's win the prize and the other truck owners become angry with them. Things become totally out of control after the hipsters find out Tina lied to them and attack the family. The Belchers, along with Randy take shelter in the truck, which the hipsters overturn. Later once things have calmed down the family sneaks out of the truck and turns it back over. The truck nearly squishes some of the festival goers who come after them again, but the Belchers manage to escape by jumping in the truck and releasing the grease trap behind them.

They end up having to walk home, after Randy starts the grill while they are driving causing the truck to explode, which also destroys the check.

Dr. Yap

Dr. Yap aired on April 29th, 2012.

After he is drugged at the dentist Bob mistakes Gayle for Linda, ends up kissing her. Gayle then thinks that Bob is her boyfriend. Bob feels guilty and confesses to Linda, who urges him to play along in order to help build Gayle's confidence, assuring him she will move on when another guy comes along. Bob, however can't take Gayle's advances and decides to speed up the process by taking the whole family on a skip trip at Dr. Yap's condo.

Unfortunately for Bob, Dr. Yap is unable to win Gayle over and she continues to pursue him. Dr. Yap tries to go after Gayle, while Tina is in turn trying to win Dr. Yap's affections. Meanwhile Gene and Louise compete in a series of crazy challenges in order to win possession of a jawbreaker that Gayle gave Gene. Bob hurts his tooth while skiing, and Linda catches Gayle after Bob but refuses to tell Gayle what is going on and pretends to be the angry wife. Dr. Yap is also angry because he thinks Bob is with Gayle, and pulls his tooth without any painkillers, as a result Tina no longer feels attracted to Dr. Yap. Gene and Louise the challenge each other for Bob's tooth.

Dr. Yap becomes upset that he can't win Gayle over and Linda attempts to comfort him, which he mistakes for affection. Linda then declares she is in love with Dr, Yap, which makes Gayle claim the same (as she always wants what Linda has), and Gayle and Dr. Yap go off together. Linda then tells Bob everything worked out fine, to which Bob points out that he hurt his tooth.

Moody Foodie

Moody Foodie aired on May 6th, 2012.

After a bad review from a local food critic shuts down another restaurant, other restaurant owners warn Bob that the critic is likely show up at his place next. Bob is confident that he simply has to serve the critic a good meal and everything will go fine. When the critic shows up, it seems like everything goes wrong. Tina, Louise and Linda all take turns as awkward severs, until Bob steps in and decides to take the critic's order himself. Bob however forgets his order and has to come back to the table and apologize.

In his review the critic trashes the restaurant and says his burger was overdone and dry. Linda tries to convince Bob that people will make up their own mind about the restaurant, but unfortunately Teddy quotes the review when complaining about his burger. After this and Bob sees a couple who decide not to eat at the restaurant after reading the review, he goes berserk and starts declaring people to be overdone and dry on the street. Linda tells him to go have a nap, during which he has a nightmare about working at an office.

Unable to come up with a way to fix the damage done by the review Bob is inspired by Tina, when she tells a story about a girl at school who managed to get a re-do on her tests. Bob then decides to go to the critic's house and cook him another burger. The critic however in uncooperative and Bob and the kids tie him to a chair. Bob tries to force-feed him the burger but it doesn't work, Linda and the other restaurant owners then show up because Linda told them about the re-do.

They then end up having to tie a delivery driver to a chair as well after he sees the whole thing through the window. Louise opens the package which turns out to be a copy of Tin Cup, which Bob claims is a bad movie based on a review he read. Realizing he isn't any better than the critic, Bob calls the re-do off and gives the delivery driver the movie and 38 dollars to keep quiet. Later when the Moody Foodie goes to call the police, he tries the burger and the 911 operator perceives it to be some weirdo without a girlfriend.

Bad Tina

Bad Tina aired on May 13th, 2012.

Tina gives new girl Tammy a tour of the school and they both get detention after getting caught trying to peer through a hole in the wall of the boy's locker room. In detention the girls flirt with Jimmy and Zeke, who are there for wrestling in the library. When Linda finds out Tina got detention, she gets upset and Tina tells her not to have a crap attack, language that she picked up from Tammy and Linda gets even madder.

When Bob and Linda go to a local performance of a show called Cake, Tina is left to babysit and invites Tammy over. Tammy then gets Tina to invite Zeke and Jimmy Jr. over, and takes Linda's margarita mix which the four proceed to drink. Meanwhile Gene and Louise are watching from Tina's closet. They then proceed to blackmail Tina later, even though they know margarita mix has no alcohol in it. Tina agrees to do all their chores for a month in exchange for them keeping quiet.

Later at school Tammy blackmails Tina into skipping class to go to the mall with Zeke and Jimmy Jr. by threatening to give Tina's erotic friend fiction to Jimmy Jr, knowing he would never talk to her again. Tammy give Tina a makeover, and the two then head to the mall meet up with the boys. That night Tina is caught sneaking out to meet the boys and Tammy at the park, Bob and Linda ground her.Tammy is mad at Tina for not showing up and tells Tina she is going to read her erotic friend fiction in front of the whole school at lunch the next day.

Tina tries to fake sick, but Linda doesn't believe her and the truth comes out. After a hear to heart with Linda, Tina decides to read her fiction herself at lunch, which Linda later realizes is a mistake and she and Bob go to the school and try to stop her. Gene and Louise have in the meantime stolen back the journal with Tina's story in it but Tina reads her story anyway. Everyone laughs at her but Tammy then farts and the kids at school turn to making fun of Tammy and seem to forget about Tina's story.


Beefsquatch aired on May 20th, 2012.

When Gene gets a Sasquatch mask from Peter Pescadero , which he then proceeds to wear all the time. After Linda hears about a local TV looking for chefs for a cooking segment, she convinces Bob to make and audition tape, which Gene interrupts while wearing his mask. The studio calls Bob back and wants him on the show, however when he gets to the studio Bob is disappointed that they want Gene to appear on the show as well.

At first Bob is simply able to cook his burger but Gene then interrupts making himself the center of attention. The Belchers are invited to come back on the show, but Bob becomes frustrated because the audience and the show's hosts are more interested in Gene, than Bob's cooking. The two then get in a fight at host, Chuck's, pool party which leads them both to enlist Louise to help them play tricks on the other. Meanwhile a boy named Nathan who is obsessed with the other host, Pam, starts dating Tina in hopes of getting close to her. When Tina realizes this she breaks up with him.

Sick of the tension at home, Linda tries to convince Pam and Chuck to kick Bob and Gene off the show. They refuse because Gene and Bob are good for ratings and Kick Linda out of the studio. Tina, Louise and Nathan also get kicked out of the studio after Tina tries to stop Nathan from attacking Pam. The rest of the family watches Bob and Gene fight it out through the studio window, as the audience cheers them on. Louise then throws a trash can through the window, and Linda shows her breasts on TV in order to get the show cancelled and save her family.


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