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Body Piercing Horror Stories

Updated on October 28, 2009

The Price of Piercing, Click Photo To See Full Size Photo And Read It.

The Price of Piercing Click Photo For Full Size Photo And To Read It.
The Price of Piercing Click Photo For Full Size Photo And To Read It.

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Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare

How to Clean & Maintain Body Piercings : How to Prevent Body Piercing Infections

What to Expect When Getting Ear Piercings & Other Body Piercing Tips

The Price of Piercing

People need to understand that their can be some really serious medical problems caused by body piercing. If you and the person doing the piercing are not extremely concerned about hygiene infection is a real possibility. Be absolutely certain that if you do get a body piercing that the person doing the piercing is practicing great health practices. And this includes making sure that everything used in doing a piercing on you is clean and sterile. Including the person doing the piercing.

And a really important thing that a lot of people don't follow thru on is you must look after your piercing. Be sure to follow the instructions of the person who did your piercing exactly. One really important thing to remember is that this concerns your health and well being. So I say once again do exactly what the person doing the piercing says for you to do as far as the after care for your piercing.

The really big things causing problems for people getting piercings are sub standard piercers and little or no after care. You must also worry about infection and you must do everything you can to ensure that you don't get a infection. If you do decide to get a piercing or piercings be sure that you check out all of the below.

1. Is the Piercing Studio clean and tidy?

2. Are the staff clean , neat and tidy?

3. Do they have an autoclave and can you inspect the spore test?

4. Is the Piercing Studio Health Department inspected?

5. Does the Studio issue written after care instructions?

6. Are you completely comfortable with the person doing the piercing?

7. Is the staff of the studio friendly , professional and helpful?

Those are the most important things. There are of course some other things but the studio being sparkling clean is a very important thing you should never overlook.

The really important thing to remember is that a little time and research can prevent you having serious health or other types of problems later on. After all a body piercing will be with you a long time so be sure to do it right.

And after you do find a Piercer you are confortable with be sure to follow the after care instructions you get for any piercing to the letter. Infections are a real possibility and at the first sign of infection see your regular medical doctor. 

How to Clean & Maintain Body Piercings

Tongue piercing

Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Clean Navel Piercings

So You Went And Did It

Got Your First Piercing

Now there are some very important things you should do. And here are some basic common sense aftercare tips for your piercing.

1. Wash your hands and up to your elbows with good antibacterial soap for a full 3 minutes before cleaning your piercing or piercings.

2. Use a sterile saline solution. You can make one with 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Make sure the container is clean and sterile.

3. Have a clean sterile container of cotton balls for cleaning your piercing or piercings.

4. Do not redip a cotton ball in the cleaning solution. Once you wet and use it discard it.

5. Be sure you clean your piercing jewerly thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap every time you take it out. Never put it back in with out cleaning it.

6. Dry the piercing area with a clean sterile paper towel.

7. At the first sign of infection see your medical doctor. If you think you have a infection assume you do and go see a real doctor.

And be sure to follow exactly any and all after care instructions you were given by the studio that did your piercing. If you do all this you won't end up with your own piercing horror story.  

Feel Free To Post Your Piercing Comments Below Now

Have any piercing comments you would like to make. Post them below now.

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    • profile image

      Alisha 5 years ago

      for any girl/woman who wants their belly button pierced, reconsider if you plan to have children in the future. I removed mine over a year before I got pregnant w/ my first child and it never completely healed an now my belly button skin is stretched and even has stretch marks.

    • profile image

      brandi 6 years ago

      So..I want my naval pierced so bad. But I'm scared lol. Words of encouragement.??

    • profile image

      mick 7 years ago

      well researched and accurate. i would add that if your piercing looks infected DO NOT REMOVE it.see your doctor and get an anitbiotic course started.removing it will trap the infection inside because the entry and exit holes will close.piercings may also "reject" this is not an infection but its the bodys attempt to remove a foreign object, in this case see your piercer for advice!

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Cool hub - I never had a day of touble with any of mine but they're mostly removed now... and bizarrely when I had my tongue done I spoke with a lisp but it took people in work 2 weeks to even notice...