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Bodyguard the Indian movie

Updated on January 9, 2015

Salman khan's movie

Indian cinema is a kind of mesmerism for those who are used to it. One can not help enjoying it. Many people are addicted to movies. Each and every Indian has a hero and he is in the person of a film actor. The Indian cinema industry is divided into many families of movies makers. Salman khan also belongs to a film making family. His father is a writer and director of films. His brothers are the other cronies of this film family. He has achieved a lot of successes in his films. He is a versatile actor who never tired of manifold character kinds. His recent movie body guard is a latest addition in the story of his successful ventures in film industry. He has played a very lovely role with the same name of Lovely Singh. He performs role of a bodyguard of a rich lady –a role played by Karina kapoor. She plays a double role in a different sense that the Hero of the film does not know the facts. Chaya is the name of fictitious character of the heroine. She is daughter of a baron who loves her daughter very much. He arranges assigns the duty of guarding his daughter to the hero. This lady falls in love with Lovely Singh but does not reveal her identity. She maintains only voice contact through mobile phone. There comes many occasions when the viewers feel that now it is her turn to reveal the identity but every time it is the friend of the heroine who saves her identity. One time the body guard asks mobile phone to call her friend .Karina was in dole drums but her friend offers her phone. The arranged garden bridge meeting of the hero and heroines makes the heroine at the end of her tether but love for Lovely Singh make her to sacrifice her love. She planned elopement but at the eleventh hour her father orders shooting of the hero if found involved in the conspiracy of elopement.

The marriage of Chhaya and Lovely does not take place but Chhaya’s friend come to rescue Lovely at the station. She changes her intention and does not reveal the truth that she is Chhaya’s friend Maya and marries the bodyguard. She reveals the truth in her diary and hands over the diary to her son who at the end becomes a source of inspiration for Zartaj (Raj babbar) and Chhaya to accept their inner instinct.

The story is different but not a novel one. It is a mixture of so many formula films. There is dance on the Punjabi beats and the action and thrill too. The enemies try to hunt Chhaya and Salman Khan saves her. The scenes are pictured with the help of computer technology. Almost all the action and fighting steps are taken from the Tekken games' Eddie. The helicopter and plane scenes are also pictured with computer. The mode is too fast and many things remain wanting in explanation. Touch and go policy is adopted all over the film. On the whole you can enjoy the movie by understanding its story yourself with the help of your imagination.


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