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Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon Sharpe, Bill Spencer’s New Plan to Keep Liam from Marrying Hope

Updated on May 29, 2014

Bill Spencer Bugs Hope’s Therapy Session

Last week, in his quest to keep Liam and Hope from marrying, Bill Spencer sent his assistant Alison to see Hope’s shrink Dr. Barton.

Of course, Alison’s emotional dilemma, being in love with her boss was contrived purely to do Bill’s bidding; bug Dr Barton’s office so that Bill Spencer could listen in on the doctors next appointment. With Hope Logan.

Deacon Sharpe Returns - 2014!

Look for Deacon Sharpe to return - on Friday 13 June 2014! From all accounts he'll be around for a while and making mischief with Quinn. Will it be romance or manipulation for this duo?

And learns about Deacon Sharpe – Hope’s Daddy

Conveniently, Dr Barton and Hope’s conversation veered into new and convenient territory for Bill. The Doctor raised questions about Hope’s feelings about her absentee father – Deacon Sharpe. A suddenly intuitive Hope realized that her concern for approval from her fans, her family and the press comes from never having had her biological father’s approval, let alone love.

Hope left her session with the idea planted that she needed to reach out to her biological father. By the end of the session, Bill Spencer wanted the same.

Deacon Sharpe is in Jail

Bill reveled in the new piece of information and decided Mr. Deacon Sharpe was the key to keeping Hope and Liam apart, even when Alison delivered that he was serving out a prison sentence. The news simply had him fuel up the corporate jet and drag Justin to Genoa City, Wisconsin.

On the flight to Genoa City Justin gave Bill the 40,000 ft view of Deacon’s history in Los Angeles and Genoa City, which included a rap sheet of petty crimes including art theft and forgery. Justin also noted that Deacon got around. Amber is raising his child, and Deacon was married to Bridget when he slept with Brooke, Bridget’s mother, and conceived Hope.

And that didn’t even touch on the reason he’s in prison, for subverting the course of justice in the investigation of Diane’s murder. Deacon, in love with Nikki, hit Diane over the head several times with a rock to make it look like someone much stronger than Nikki killed Diane).

How Does Hope Find Out?

Will Hope learn that it was Bill Spencer that brought Deacon back to town? Bet on it. How? Look for Justin to butt dial his son Marcus while Justin and Bill are discussion Bill’s latest plan. Look for Marcus to struggle with the decision to betray his father’s confidence or fill poor clueless Hope in…

The long wait may soon be over as Deacon Sharpe appears unexpectedly in Los Angeles this week (week of September 17, 2012!)

Will Bill Spencer be held to account for his actions? If anyone can take on Bill, Deacon can. Lets hope Deacon is around long enough to give it a shot!

Bill Spencer offers Deacon Sharpe a Deal

Deacon reluctantly agrees to Bill Spencer’s deal to get him out of prison – he wants to see his son. Bill informs Deacon it’s not his son he’ll be seeing but his daughter. Deacon doesn’t like what Bill wants of him but he doesn’t like the idea of 6 more years in jail so he agrees…

Meanwhile, disappointed with Ridge for not designing her wedding dress, Hope thinks again of her biological father Deacon. Brooke is horrified when she realizes Hope wants to find her father. Could she possibly want Deacon to give her away?

Who is Deacon Sharpe?

Deacon’s Arrival in Los Angeles

Deacon’s arrival on the Bold and the Beautiful was part of the Rick and Amber love story. Rick and Amber’s marriage fell apart when it was revealed that Baby Eric wasn’t Amber and Rick’s son, but Amber’s cousin, Rebecca’s baby.

Rebecca gave birth the day after Amber and Rick’s baby was stillborn. Tawny, Amber’s mother convinced a distraught Amber to take her cousin’s baby (Rebecca was going to give her baby up for adoption) and pass it off as hers and Ricks. The truth eventually came out and Rebecca took custody of her son.

Becky began dating CJ Garrison (Clarke Garrison and Sally Spectra’s son), but unbeknownst to her she was dying of pancreatic cancer. CJ proposed, but Becky learned the truth before her wedding. Becky died wanting CJ and Amber to raise little Eric together. Amber and CJ planned to wed when they realized they had feelings for each other.

Rick, however, was determined to stop the wedding, and located Deacon Sharpe, Little Eric’s biological father to claim the child. The Forrester’s offered Deacon $100,000 to sign over custody of the boy to them, but that never eventuated when Deacon became attracted to Amber and instead used the child to have her move in with him.

Deacon steals Bridget's virginity out of revenge

Deacon uses Bridget for Revenge

Amber eventually returned to Rick and with the Forrester’s blessing they married. At Rick and Amber’s wedding however, Deacon Sharpe turned up – as Bridget Forrester’s date! In a private meeting with the Forrester’s, Deacon told them that he was leaving with either Amber or Bridget – their choice.

Rick and Amber wed anyway and later Brooke, Eric and Rick were forced listen as Deacon made love to his new wife – Bridget!

Deacon, of course, was using Bridget who was unfortunately madly in love with him. In time, Brooke appealed to Deacon to leave Bridget and allow her to live the med student life she should be living. Instead, however, Brooke and Deacon began an affair and Brooke fell pregnant.

Brooke passed the baby off as Whip’s but eventually Bridget learned the truth – over the baby monitor Brooke had received at the Baby shower Bridget had organized for her mother – the baby was Deacon’s.

Bridget had it out with Brooke at the cabin at Big Bear. Brooke went into labor and Bridget with Stephanie’s assistance delivered her mother and husband’s baby – Hope. Bridget returned to Los Angeles and congratulated her husband on the birth of his daughter, and left Deacon.

Deacon and Macy win custody of Little Eric (Little D)

Deacon met Macy at AA and the two married in 2003. The pair got custody of Little Eric (Little D) crushing Amber and Rick. Macy died not long after and Deacon eventually began an affair with Jackie Marone.

Massimo took vengeance on Deacon for his affair with Jackie by introducing him to Heather who got him hooked on alcohol again. Deacon left Lose Angeles to get his life in order. He turned up in Genoa City four years later.


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