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The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan’s Many Men

Updated on January 18, 2018
Why is that we love to hate Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful?  Could it be her colorful history with men?
Why is that we love to hate Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful? Could it be her colorful history with men? | Source

Why do we love, hate, or love to hate Brooke Logan?

The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan is a character that fans either love, hate, or love to hate. The core reason for such strong emotions being attached to one character is Brooke’s reputation with men.

Brooke loves men. Or loves being in love. One or the other. A big believer in fate and destiny when it comes to love matches Brooke has let her heart lead her into some questionable relationships in the past. Currently she is embroiled in another such relationship. With Bill Spencer. Her sister’s husband.

Brooke’s relationship with Bill, however, is not the first time she has made a questionable decision when it comes to entering relationships with men – that are involved with other women in her family. Brooke’s romantic history is full of such choices. The first of which resulted in the conception of Hope.

Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe

Deacon Sharpe was out for revenge against the Forrester’s for losing Amber Moore to Rick Forrester. He and Bridget Forrester had become friends. Deacon told the Forrester’s it was either Amber or Bridget. When they did nothing to send Amber back to him, Deacon made Brooke and Eric listen as he made love to Bridget for the first time.

As soap opera fate would have it, Deacon married Bridget and over time their’s became a love match after all. The Forrester’s, however, still opposed the union since Bridget was still at school (medical school) and should be enjoying that life, not married life.

Brooke befriended Deacon and convinced him that he should leave Bridget – for Bridget’s sake. In the process, Deacon and Brooke became friends. When Brooke’s current romance fell apart Deacon was there to commiserate and the duo ended up in bed together. That was the start of an affair that was only revealed when Brooke’s baby from the liaison – Hope – was born.

Brooke Logan and Oliver Jones

Perhaps as a result of the sordid history around her own conception, Brooke’s daughter, Hope, grew up to be a young lady with high moral standards. During her high school years, Hope dated Oliver and they even discussed sleeping together. Hope promised Oliver he would know when the time was right.

But that Oliver actually believed that Hope would give him her virginity on the patio at the Forrester Mansion during her high school graduation doesn’t say much for Oliver’s understanding of Hope.

Hope’s high school graduation party was hosted at the Forrester Mansion. The event was also the stage for the filming of a music video clip that had the girls wearing the same figure hugging hooded blue mini dresses and the guys wearing hooded leather jackets. To complete the look everyone wore masks.

So, when “Hope” whispered to Oliver “I’m ready” Oliver was too! Not long afterwards, however, Oliver realized he’s just slept with Brooke, Hope’s mother, who Hope had convinced to also wear one of the dresses! (Brooke and Ridge were chaperones to the event!). Brooke thought she was doing the deed with Ridge who also wore the leather jackets donned by the young men.

While Katie was making up for lost time with her son,  Bill was helping Brooke re launch her Brooke's Bedroom Lingerie line....
While Katie was making up for lost time with her son, Bill was helping Brooke re launch her Brooke's Bedroom Lingerie line.... | Source

Bill Dumped Brooke!

While in Aspen pursuing one of his dangerous passions - rock climbing - that the board of Spencer Publications and Katie objected to, Bill nearly died.

Bill saw the light. On the plane ride home to LA, Bill dumped Brooke and decided the only way for him to get his life back was to go back to Katie.

Will Katie take Bill back? Is it over between Bill and Brooke?

Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer

Brooke and Bill’s relationship would not have happened unless Bill’s wife, Katie, hadn’t pushed the two together.

Suffering from Post partum depression after the birth of her and Bill’s son, Will, Katie was convinced she was about to die from yet another heart complication. She decided to replace herself in her son’s life – with her sister – Brooke.

Katie disappeared from her family’s life and predictably Brooke did step in to help Bill with his newborn son – and to search for his wife. Katie’s plan worked. The pair developed feelings for each other.

With medication, Katie’s PPD was brought under control. Bill and Brooke continued to spend time together as Bill helped Brooke re launch her Brooke’s Bedroom line of lingerie (Bill is part owner of Forrester creations). Katie thanks to Taylor, and finding Bill and Brooke in a couple of compromising situations, began to suspect that there was more to Bill and Brooke’s interactions than business.

That wasn’t true. Until an incensed Katie returned Bill’s wedding rings to him after finding him in Brooke’s bedroom after spending the night due to a car accident. Katie left and suffered a coronary event that left her hanging on to life in hospital. Meanwhile Bill and Brooke finally made love.

Bill and Katie reunited after her brush with death and Bill and Brooke decided their tryst had been a mistake and would remain a secret. But detective Taylor uncovered the truth after learning that not only had Bill and Brooke slept together, but Brooke had conceived Bill’s child and later suffered a miscarriage.

Taylor revealed the ugly truth at a birthday celebration for Brooke, hosted by Katie. Katie set divorce proceedings in motion but had a change of heart after spying on her husband and sister together. Unfortunately, for Katie, Bill discovered the surveillance equipment that had proved to Katie that Bill could be trusted. Bill, however decided that Katie couldn’t be trusted and told his wife their marriage was over.

Bill went straight to Brooke (in Monaco) and declared his love. He has since moved in with Brooke and the duo is secretly engaged.

That was not the end for Bill and Brooke. There is more to Bill and Brooke's love story.

Which of Brooke's inappropriate affairs is the worst?

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