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Bollywood Music Videos Part 3 - Hindi Songs With Beautiful Scenery

Updated on October 28, 2011

Beautiful background scenery is a must in Bollywood music videos, and it's the beautiful scenery that makes the Bollywood movies so popular.

In the previous Hindi songs videos we looked at some of the most beautiful landscapes from all over the world, but mainly in India. In this part, we look at the village scenery and the natural beauty of India in rural areas. The music is also improved in this part with beautiful music from the world famous composer, AR Rahman who is well known for the musical score from the film Slumdog Millionnaire. AR Rahman is a legend, especially because he is able to pull in audiences who love all types of music styles. You will love the Bollywood music videos compilations from the film, Swades, below.



Shah Ruk Khan starred in this Bollywood film, Swades: We The People.

Swades means 'homeland'. This Bollywood movie came out in 2004 and was written, produced and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. It was a debut film for Gayatri Joshi. The film actually flopped at the box office, but received universal critical acclaim from around the world. Maybe it did not appeal to the people of India.

Swades is about a little village in India called Charanpur where his Nan, Kaveri Amma lives so Shar Rukh Khan's character, Mohan, goes to visit her after 12 years in America working for NASA as a project manager. He had lost touch with his Nan, so decided to go back to India and see her after so many years.

Yun Hi Chala Chal

Yun Hi Chala Chal is a fantastic song in the beginning of the movie as it depicts Shah Rukh Khan's character travelling in a caravan to the little village where his Nan lives. Along the way he picks up a hitch hiker and the pass through some beautiful, natural Indian scenery along the way. the scenery in this music video is to be appreciated, as it will bring back memories of people's homeland who are now abroad.

This Bollywood music track is sung by Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher and Hariharan.


The Official 'Swades: We The People' Trailer

The trailer of 'Swades' shows Mohan, like nearly all other non resident Asians, having negative thoughts about the people who lives in India, especially in villages. He thinks they do not want to change and improve their lives due to lack of education etc. But then he soon realises there is a deeper proper when he is sent by his Nan to go and collect some rent for the land someone used from her. When Mohan goes to that man, on his way he sees other villages who are also in similar situations, poverty, caste discrimination, child marriage, illiteracy, a general disregard for education and an apathy to change.

He goes back his village with a different mindset and tries to change things around for the benefit of everyone.

Swades Trailer

Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

This track will have make you emotional if you have an attachment to your country like Mohan did. It brings back lots of memories and makes you feel like you want to go back to the beautiful country of India. (Or wherever else you may have come from, if you emigrated).

AR Rahman is a legend when it comes to patriotic songs for Bollywood films. Ma Tujhe Salaam is a classic track from AR Rahman which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand! )Watch it below).

I recommend anyone who has not seen this Bollywood movie to watch, even if they are Indian. This films reminds us that we are all equal and special. We can carry a task of any size if we work together by putting aside our differences like wealth and power.

Watch Swades below, starting from part one with English subtitles. (Please follow on for more parts on you tube).

Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

In the year 2002, BBC World Service conducted an international poll to choose the ten most famous songs of all time. Around 7000 songs were selected from all over the world. Vande Mataram, the version by A. R. Rahman, was ranked second. (Source: Wikipedia)

Watch and listen to it below with English subtitles.

Ma Tujhe Salaam With English Subtitles

Watch Swades: We The People on You Tube

Thank you for viewing this article on Bollywood music videos with beautiful scenery.

Please check out some of my other articles below.


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