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Bones or Castle – Which is Better?

Updated on October 8, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

Bones Vs. Castle

I’m a huge fan of crime fiction. Whether I’m reading it or watching it on DVD, it’s definitely my favorite and two of my favorite shows on TV are Bones and Castle. Bones and Castle have similar storylines, and characters, but air on different networks. With the similarities, it’s hard for me to pick my favorite. In this blog, I will lay it all out and allow you to determine – Bones or Castle – Which is Better?

A Breakdown of Bones

Bones is the older of the two series. This comedic crime drama debuted on Fox in 2005 and centers around the life of Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). In this drama, Bones is a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian and Agent Seeley Booth is the FBI agent assigned to work with her and her colleagues to solve murders.

A Breakdown of Castle

Castle is also a comedic crime drama. This network hit debuted in 2009 and also centers on two unlikely partners, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), a homicide detective in NY, and Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), a bestselling crime fiction novelist. Castle has important connections and ends up shadowing Detective Beckett as she solves murders in New York. At first, his role at the department is simply to do research for his books, but as his skills prove useful, he is allowed to accompany Detective Beckett and her colleagues on all murder scenes.

The Similarities Between Characters

While none of the four main characters in my favorite TV shows have the same job, they do have similar characteristics. First, we will break down the female character similarities, then the male similarities, and finally, the similarities between Bones and Castle.

Bones vs. Castle YouTube Video

Similarities between Seeley Booth and Rick Castle

  • Rick Castle and Seeley Boot have similar characteristics including:
  • Charisma
  • Outgoing personalities
  • Single fatherhood
  • Attractive
  • Trouble with long-term relationships
  • Need to be an individual


Similarities between Detective Kate Beckett and Dr. Temperance Brennan

  • Tough
  • Serious
  • Best at what they do
  • Leaders in male denominated careers
  • Murdered mothers
  • Terrible childhoods

Similarities between Rick Castle and Temperance Brennan

In addition to the similarities between the female and male leads in Bones and Castle, there are also similarities between Rick Castle and Temperance Brennan.

  • Best-selling crime fiction authors
  • Independently rich
  • Both write crime fiction novels based on their partners


More Similarities between Bones and Castle

If the similarities between Bones and Castle haven’t blown your mind yet, these similarities between the two crime fiction dramas certainly will.

Both dramas have love relationships between secondary characters. Bones features the love affair between Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) and Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). In Castle, an on again/off again relationship between Detective Javier Espostio (Jon Huertas) and Coroner Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones) keeps viewers coming back week after week.

Which is Better - Bones or Castle?

Now that you have all the similarities laid out in front of you, it is time to discuss which is your favorite. I won’t sway your judgment by telling you which is my favorite, but I will say this, Bones has been on TV for almost 10 years and draws in more viewers each season. Castle has been on the air four years less than Bones, but often features celebrities that keep viewers tuned in. My only issue with Castle is that it seems to be getting redundant. I mean if Castle and Beckett wouldn’t have finally got hitched this season, I would have turned off the season for good. It’s one thing to keep viewers on edge, but to draw out a storyline for seasons is a bit offsetting.

Which is Better?

Bones vs. Castle

See results

Bones Outlasted Castle

In the end, it wasn't about who was better, but who would last the longest. Castle fans were devastated when the show announced it wouldn't return with its biggest star and many believe the show will officially be cancelled.

In all honesty, the last two seasons have been a bit wonky and fans were leaving for more intriguing shows in herds. So, now we will have to turn to Bones to keep us happy and entertained.

What’s Your Opinion? Share it Below!

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    • KarenHC profile image


      4 years ago from U.S.

      I just started a Bones marathon earlier this week, starting with the first episode. It's always been one of my favorite shows. I like Castle too, and who knows, maybe I'll do a Castle marathon sometime (I like Nathan Fillion!), but Bones comes out ahead for me.


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