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Book Vs Movie Experience

Updated on March 20, 2012

After seeing the Academy Awards this past Feb and seeing Olivia Spencer win the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, I decided to see the movie ‘The Help’. It was fun and well made and I enjoyed the story of the brave set of women who decided to express themselves in the constricted environment they lived in. I think the many women characters portrayed by Jessica Chastain (Celia ), Viola Davis (Abilene), Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) and Emma Stone (Skeeter) did an excellent job and you have to give a thumbs up to each one of them for their performances.


Being an ardent book reader, then I decided to order myself a copy of the book itself. In spite of knowing how the story unfolded and what conspires all along, I knew the book would have much greater detail and so much more to say than what the movie could have depicted.

The beautiful hardbound copy duly arrived within a few days and after reading the first two chapters I thought it was a mistake because it was an exact copy of the movie. I urged myself on and then unravelled before me much more and I started off with and I thereafter I thoroughly enjoy the book and could decipher the differences in what the movie depicted compared to what Kathryn Stockett had penned down. For example; the way Celia’s husband finds out about Minny working at their house and that Skeeter’s mum did not really defend her writing the book when Hilly came storming over for a confrontation or about the dinner Skeeter and her family were invited to at the Senator’s house and her boy friend’s past etc.


One even gets a glimpse of the stories that were out together in the book collated by Skeeter which was what I was really hoping to get a view of.

I have always believed the books provide more satisfaction than the entertainment the movie can do, yet when you have seen the movie, it does help in putting a face to all the characters one reads about in the book. Though I guess that is where the imagination is sucked out because you have now seen and identified with the personas portrayed by the various characters. Nevertheless after seeing ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ in the movie hall, I quite enjoyed reading the sequels ‘The Girl Who played with fire’ and ‘The girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest’. Every time Salander or Blomkvist were mentioned in the books, I would picture Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig who I think did a pretty good job in the movie.

It was Tom Cruise on the cover that made me pick up ‘The Firm’ by John Grisham and read it, though I have never seen the movie! On the other hand, I have seen the movie ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ but I am sure the book would be far more interesting.

It must be a huge accomplishment for authors to have their stories being turned into motion cinema. (This was Stockett's first book)

There are tons of examples of Book Vs Movie comparisons out there and hope we get to see more great books being made into award winning movies: may the book worms continue enjoy reading the books and the movie buffs grab their popcorn and head to the movie theatres!


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