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Book of Mormon Musical - What the Broadway Play Misses

Updated on July 14, 2011

Book of Mormon Musical

Book of Mormon Musical
Book of Mormon Musical

What do Mormons Think of the Book of Mormon Musical

A lot of public attention has been given to the musical on Broadway called The Book of Mormon. Naturally, many of those who have kept up with the news and hype have wondered how members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the religion parodied in the show, have reacted to it. As a Mormon myself, here is a summary of what I have observed about the sentiment of members of the Church.

  • First off, Mormons enjoy having their religion spotlighted. As a proselyting church, we believe we have an important message to share. As long as the publicity isn't intentionally misrepresenting the Church and presenting it as
  • Secondly, because Mormons strive to seek after things that are of good report or praiseworthy and avoid negative influences, I'd expect that at least the majority of us who are faithful members of the Church have no plans to see the play. Our reason for that is the same as why we eschew shows like "Desperate Housewives", why many of us don't listen to Katy Perry's sexually provocative music, etc. It's not so much that the show mocks our religion. We realize that there are some funny things about us, and we're just as willing as anyone else to chuckle about our idiosyncrasies. I listened to a few of the songs on the Broadway Book of Mormon soundtrack, and thought some of them were accurate. When I got to the sections that used some base profanity and that became sexually explicit. I turned it off. I don't intend to listen to any of the soundtrack in the future. My reason for that is not so much because I'm offended that someone would mock the culture I was raised in, but because I think it is spiritually destructive to hear use the F-word and be vulgar.
  • We Mormons understand that our morals and belief system are on a separate track from today's entertainment industry, which on the whole has lost most consciousness of right and wrong and bases its programs only on what will entice and be profitable. On the other hand, we try to stay socially integrated, generally even with a society that we consider to be quickly losing its worthiness. Because of that dichotomy, we expect that our religious beliefs and lifestyle will be targeted by those whose lack of judgment provides them no restraint. We understand that this is the world we live in, and it doesn't necessarily make us overly grumpy or disenchanted. (We let the Glenn Beck show fill that need.)
  • We're happy to think that there are people who, for one reason or another, may never have had any reason to be interested in our beliefs, but who have been given reason to investigate our message because of the hoopla surrounding the Broadway musical. Surely there will be a significant number of converts who join what we believe to be the true Church of Jesus Christ because they wanted to find out more about the crazy people portrayed on the stage. We view that as a way that God mysteriously works through people who lack true spiritual inspiration but are still gifted in other ways - the creators and performers of the musical - to bring his message to an ever-widening audience.

There's my take on the situation as a Utah Mormon. Feel free to leave me your feedback. Of course, my self-imposed Hub rules apply: If your comments are hateful or obscene, don't expect me to publish them or even read them entirely. If they are productive and contribute to the discussion, I thank you in advance.

I'll include some modules below that give some more insight into the essence of our religion, especially as it provides more clarification on our response to The Book of Mormon Broadway Musical.

Mormons and Chastity


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    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      It is said there is no bad publicity. Actually there is, however since the publicity is not due to a negative action by a church member, and it is mostly done in fun, I suppose as members we can just hope some one some where is inspired to investagate the church honestly.

    • texasgirlfw profile image


      7 years ago

      I really want to see this show. How hard is it to get tickets?


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