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Percussion fun - Boomwhackers

Updated on November 15, 2013



BOOMWHACKERS are tubes in all lengths and colours. They represent each one of the music notes. start to listen to the C flat 8 notes. And go on and listen to them all.You just have to move the mouse over the music notes!

There are different sounds of Boomwhackers. They are tuned in all the music notes you want.

A presentation of Boomwhackers colours


Using an Octavator cap on the end of a Boomwhacker tube lowers the tone one octave.

If you are a group of players, you might need more and play the music exactly with a span over many octaves.

Octaver caps

Boomwhackers octavator caps

Form an orchestra with children!

I worked as a music teacher for a while. One kind of lessons the children just loved was, when they could participate some how. We had music sessions when they made sounds with pens, lips, hands or sticks. The only thing that was so important was that we ALL had the same beat.

We used words and sentences too. Like "sharpen the knives, sharpen the knives", "Pot luck, Pot luck", "on Thuesday, on Thuesday" and so on. It was like an little funny orchestra in the class room. If I have had these Boom whackers then I can assure you I would have used them!!

Later when I and my husband were invited to a big party, we were told to bring some kind of entertainment for all of us. It could be to read a story, sing or dance or what ever we could to. I went up to the platform and started all of us in these sound-games. They were clapping, hoooing, sharpening the knives and making sounds to the same beat. All were applauding and laughing afterwards. If I had have Boomwhackers then..... you know......

How much fun you can have together

When the booms go marching in

Blue men group use a kind of Boomwhackers

Blue Men Group - three men with no hair or ears that can entertain for a whole evening. If you sit on the first rows in the theatre, you will need a poncho. The phoncho will be part of your ticket! They play with a kind of Boomwhackers, play on drums full of paint and the are really skilled at percussion!

Here is their homepage

The Blue Man Group was conceived and developed by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink. Goldman and Wink, who had been friends since junior high school, met Stanton after graduating from college. Before forming the Blue Man Group, Goldman earned an MBA degree and worked as a software producer. Stanton was an actor and drummer, and Wink made a living summarizing articles for a Japanese magazine and serving food for a catering company.

Blue men group and their rewarded music

Are you a percussion type?

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      8 years ago

      I'm not musical at all unfortunately, but these look like a blast. I can imagine what fun it would be to teach with these. I've never heard of them but they kind of remind of the long tubes they give you at basketball games to beat on. I had fun just with those.


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