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Boss ME-50 Review | An affordable but powerful multi-effects pedal

Updated on December 28, 2010

So where does the Boss ME-50 sit in terms of other multi-effects pedals? The answer is pretty high up. It might not carry the same weight or all the same features as it’s bigger brother, the Boss Gt-10, but it definitely still packs a punch. This Boss ME-50 review will go through some of the included features on the Boss ME-50 and discuss some of my thoughts in terms of usefulness.

As is common with Boss multi-effects pedals, the Boss Me-50 has the ability to store all of your hard earned sound patches into a memory bank for you to access any time.  This allows you to keep adding effects, and then just save it “as is”.  Stompbox mode on the other hand just designates a single effect to the pedal it is assigned.  This is still a useful mode, but not as capable of making drastic leaps in sound when you want.  One of the effects onboard this beast is a “tone modifier”, which is basically a collection of preset EQ settings, good for doing just what it says, changing tone.   Other effects include a compressor, overdrive/distortion, flanger, chorus, tremolo, vibrate, rotary sound, delay, reverb, noise suppression and so much more.  I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.  Similar to the Boss GT-10, the Boss ME-50 also has wah pedal that can be used as a volume pedal too.  

As with any big pedal board with lots of bells and whistles, this thing can take a little getting used to.  In my opinion, that’s a big part of the fun.  I like getting to know my new gear.  Back to the volume/wah pedal, it also can be used as a whammy pedal.  This allows the pedal to control the pitch of the notes you’re paying.  Or use it as a ring modulator for some unique sounds.  I mostly was impressed by the whammy pedal function though, as I’ve never really wanted to bother spending all the money on just a whammy pedal.  The Boss ME-50 brings it right to you!

Click here for some great deals on the Boss Me-50!
Click here for some great deals on the Boss Me-50! | Source

The pedal is also priced right. In my opinion, for something around $200, you get a solid pedal. The construction is solid, with a metal housing and sturdy feeling knobs and pedals. You also get a slew of features you wouldn’t normally have if you were buying all the effects included individually. This this has flexibility, and I recommend trying it out. Check out My Guitar Time for additional reviews and gear. Also check out my Hubpage review for the Boss GT-10, and my Boss GT-10 review.


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