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The Boss GT-10 - The Mother of Multi Effects Pedals

Updated on December 19, 2010

Odds are that if you're reading this you already know what this Boss GT-10 review is about. Anyone who is familiar with multi-effects pedals probably has seen the Boss GT-6 and GT-8 before. The Boss GT-10 carries the weight for this flagship multi-effects line from Boss, and does it well. There's a lot to cover with this pedal, not just the amazing amount of effects built into it, but also some of the new technology included its own COSM. Personally, the COSM (composite object sound modeling) is my favorite feature and I find it brings something to the table that other multi-effects pedals do not.

The Boss GT-10 has enough built in to keep any guitar player happy, but it's not so hard to use that a beginner won't enjoy it. The EZ tone wizard makes it easier for anyone to find a great tone. It uses graphical icons to help you determine what kind of tone you're looking for, rather than making you try to adjust every parameter on your own. Once you do get going with the Boss GT-10, you have the ability to store many sounds, and work with many effects. There are 8 pedals plus a wah and expression pedal. This means you can save your patches individually into your bank and access them with just a tap of a foot. Alternatively, you can also use the pedal in stomp-box mode, effectively controlling each effect on its own. This works well if you generally keep things simpler and you just want to have certain effects ready to go. And if you really want to make things easy, there is the autoriff function, which plays a riff based off of one note that the guitarist plays. In my opinion I find this to be a bit of a cheap way out and can't think of a use for it other than using it to get a laugh out of my friends.

In terms of effects, the Boss GT-10 is loaded. It has a flanger, chorus, distortion, reverb, delay, wah, volume pedal and so much more. I won't even try and list all the effects this pedal has. Now to my favorite part. With the Boss GT-10 you can get any guitar tone you want. The COSM allows you to play with the sound of the full Marshall stack a nice Fender blackface, a Vox AC 50 and a ton of other classic amps. The composite object sound modeling does a fantastic job of re-creating the stones naturally. It also allows the pedal to react here picking sensitivity, and combined with the expression pedal lets you dial in the exact amount of crunch you want, whether it's for little extra sustain in a solo or just for a heavier sound.  To me, this is where the pedal really comes together.

Other features included with the Boss GT-10 are the ability to create loops whether you're on stage or composing at home. There's also a USB port in the pedal so you can stream real-time audio and MIDI data between computers, digital recorders or other USB devices. I highly recommend checking out my other review for more info at My Guitar Time as well as my hubpage for the Boss ME-50 and my other Boss ME-50 Review and Boss ME-70 Review.


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