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Bowie in the running for awards

Updated on January 15, 2017
David Bowie
David Bowie | Source
Bowie's album 'Black Star'
Bowie's album 'Black Star' | Source

David Bowie may be gone but he is certainly not forgotten, thousands of his fans gathered when he passed last year in Brixton his birthplace in London.

His last album 'Black Star' released two days before his death from cancer at the age of 69 has sold in bucket loads and is regarded as a classic Bowie album. The album deals with dark subjects such as death, God and Bowie coming to terms with his terminal illness. As always the space theme is there with a video showing a dead astronaut on some God forsaken planet with a dying star on the horizon turning black. A woman walks on the surface of this barren planet and lifts up the visor of the dead astronaut to reveal the skeletal face of Bowie's astronaut character Major Tom.

The album is regarded by many pundits as a thank you and a special gift to the legions of Bowie fans all over the world. Bowie a man who seemed to go from pillar to post in his hectic life apparently found God in his twilight years and as he said himself "There are no atheists on the battlefield".

Married twice first to Angie Bowie from 1970 - 1980 where he had one son Zowie Bowie later changed his name to Duncan Jones (Bowie's real surname) and then from 1992 to his death he had a daughter Alexandra Zahra Jones with wife Iman. Bowie's huge fortune amassed over the years from his career in the spotlight was left to his two offspring and his wife Iman.

Bowie will be in the running for two awards at this years BRITS music awards for best British male and for his album 'Black Star'.

Son of David Bowie (Jones) Duncan Jones
Son of David Bowie (Jones) Duncan Jones | Source

Short bio of Duncan Jones

1) Born Duncan Zowie Heywood Bowie on 30 May 1971

2) Was called Zowie than Joey shortened it to Joe and then became Duncan Jones

3) Has a half sister Alexandra Zahra Jones

4) Only child of David and Angie Bowie

5) David Bowie was granted custody of his son

6) Remains estranged from his mum to this day Angie Bowie

7) Went to Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland same as Prince Charles

8) Wanted to be a wrestler but became film director and producer instead

9) Married Rodene Ronquillo who suffers with breast cancer

10) Duncan and wife both campaign for breast cancer awareness


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