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Brad Pitt Love

Updated on February 24, 2014

Brad Pitt

Loving Brad Pitt

What’s there to say about Brad Pitt? He’s hot, charming, hot, funny, great acting skill, hot, great appetite and did I mention hot. The man can be ruthless, tortured, heroic and hilarious. My first time watching him of course was ‘Fight Club’. I was in elementary school and I wasn’t supposed to watch it, because my parents said so but he was shirtless and my older brother said I could. The movie was sexy, fast paced and interesting.

I loved the fact that he played this reckless person but at the same time you see that he’s more philosophical in the way he talks to Edward Norton’s character and trying to help him with his insomnia. My second favorite movie is ‘Interview with the Vampire’. He played a tortured vampire that hated killing humans and fed on rats. Still living and being interviewed by Christian Slater. Let’s not forget his comedic side. In the Ocean’s trilogy, he shows he can rob somebody and still crack a joke with George Clooney and crew.

‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ was what I call action comedy. His chemistry with Angelina Jolie is undeniable. When he finds out she’s the enemy and him being paranoid that she’s trying to kill him during dinner is one of the best scenes in the movie. Acting since the 80s, he’s been nominated for five Academy Awards; he has worked with Morgan Freeman, Geena Davis, Gwenyth Paltrow, Tom Cruise and more.

He had odd jobs after he graduated from college in Missouri then made it big when he landed a role in ‘Thelma and Louise’. He’s even quotable from his movies from ‘What’s in the box?’ to ‘The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.’ There’s even a video of compilations of him eating in every movie he does. I thought me, my little brother and my sister were the only ones that noticed that. Either he’s eating a sample or enjoying a meal.

His philanthropy side has made him travel to Chad and Sudan for the Darfur project and an advocate for stem cell research. I could gush all day about him but I want to keep it short and simple. Brad Pitt has been known for being in many relationships from Juliette Lewis to Gwenyth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, but always still made great movies that people loved.

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