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Brad The Bachelor Leaves Empty Handed

Updated on June 26, 2011

Remember That Time He Didn't Propose To Anyone?

Written in 2007 after Brad Womack rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft...

That was the best finale/After the Rose Ceremony ever! I might not have the most popular opinion among The Bachelor target audience, but this is Reality TV at its best.  Drama, anger, suspense, tears, and a really good looking dude without a shirt on (they had the camera in his bedroom every time he got dressed).  Plus, this season there was some actual REALITY involved. 

I'm not against happy endings (it's not like I hate puppies and butterflies), but I think this was the most REAL ending this show has ever had.  I think that a lot of women, especially in the After the Rose audience, invest their own hopes and dreams into this show.  It’s like if the couple doesn’t ride off into the sunset together, then there is no such thing as a happy ending in the entire universe.  Calm down, no one broke up with you.

I am not heartless, I sincerely feel sorry for both Jenni and DeAnna.  There’s nothing worse than hearing “I don’t love you” from someone you have feelings for.  Plus, the entire After the Rose show was all about rubbing salt in the wounds.  I wouldn’t want to watch any of my break ups on a big screen in front of an audience.  Then, you have Dr. Chris poking and prodding with the WORST questions ever.  He sees that they’re upset, points it out how painful the situation was, asks them to relive it, forces them to articulate exactly what that moment felt like, and then acts like America is ENTITLED to answers.  Sure you signed up for the show, but I don’t think that you signed up for emotional torture!

Then people laid into Brad like he broke some kind of law by being honest with himself and the girls.  Not to say Brad doesn’t have some serious issues, obviously he admits he does.  Seriously, everyone does.  But just because you’re put into a room with 25 members of the opposite sex that are hot, some smart, and all of them interested in you doesn’t mean that you’re going to marry one of them.  Ok, so it worked for Trista and Ryan (but I’m convinced she’s a fembot), that doesn’t mean that it is going to happen every time.  Besides, most couples from this show break up shortly after starting to date in the real world.  Are these audience women angry or surprised then?  How do you live up to the expectations laid out after having had 6 weeks of “perfect” dates?  Life isn’t like that.

Poor Brad has hard time explaining anything.  That was obvious from the Hillary fiasco, but everyone somehow forgot that.  I think what he was trying to say is that he thought DeAnna was so high quality, that he would be wasting her time since he only had—at best--lukewarm feelings for her.  She should be out finding someone who is red hot for her. 

He Kept Those Roses For Himself


My guess is that he felt like he was forcing his feelings with DeAnna.  That’s the only way I could understand why he didn’t want to just date her.  Also though, her expectations were so high that, at bare minimum, she was going to move to Austin for him.  That’s a huge decision and a huge burden for him if he felt like he was forcing it.  I understand how someone seems perfect on paper to you, but the feelings just aren’t there.      

As to the question of him leading the girls on, I think the SHOW leads women on.  It’s not like after week 3, Brad could have said, “I don’t think my future wife is in this group, so I’m going to leave now,” or “Do you think you could bring me 25 new ones, these ones just aren’t doing it for me.”  That would make for some REALLY good TV though.  Now if I were the Bachelorette….

Someone really needs to tell Brad that when he says “I was taken back,” there’s supposed to be an “a” attached to that “back.”  Work it out, it’s driving me crazy.   That ring was HOT, so if he could correct his grammar, I’d be willing to accept it from him.   

I have so much respect for Brad because he didn’t give into the show’s bullshit pressures.  (By the way, much respect to Byron—whose season I didn’t watch—for not giving into the pressure either!)  In the end, everybody won, if you ask me.  Brad was true to himself (and his serious commitment issues) and the show got the SEXIEST BACHELOR EVER and the MOST DRAMATIC FINALE EVER in the same season!  The only people who lost (other than the girls he rejected, of course) are those women who watch the show for anything but entertainment value only.

I don’t hope this happens every season because the show would be a total downer.  However, I just found this season refreshing.  Can’t wait for next season’s fairytale ending :0)


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