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Brad The Bachelor ep 4

Updated on February 28, 2014

Worth Crying Over?

Brad Womack
Brad Womack | Source

Tear-Free Zone

Jenni on The Bachelor
Jenni on The Bachelor | Source

Episode 4 from Season 11

This is what I wrote back in 2007 about Brad Womack's time in the mansion. Girls were crying left and right, so I guess not too much has changed!

Jenni does not seem like she’s 27. She says some of the most random stuff. She describes her excitement of seeing Brad with, “I can’t wait to hear his voice. I can’t wait to kiss his neck.” Then, when they go on the date, she was staring at him and licking her lips like he was a pork chop in a cartoon. I kind of feared for his life. Does she look like Punky Brewster to anyone else?

Lord, we’ve got more crying. Kristy, you look like you’re 45, so stop acting like a 4-year old. Who cries because they’re not showing their fun side? Crying is the remedy? Someone hand that barrel of laughs a tissue!

Bettina is dropping the L-bomb in the middle of an improve act and she “really meant it.” Sure you did. Nothing says sincerity like a comedy act. Why does she drop the divorce bomb by saying “My last relationship…..I was married to the guy”? She did that when she told Brad and then when she told the girls in the house. She shows her true bitch colors later in the episode by calling Jenni a slut and a liar for keeping her kiss with Brad a secret. Really? If she would have admitted to it right away, everyone would have accused her of bragging. I may not be shouting it during an improve exercise, but I really mean it when I yell “Bettina, you’re not so bright!” Although I thought Hillary calling Bettina a “used car” was a low blow, even for reality TV.


Brad Womack The Bachelor
Brad Womack The Bachelor | Source

Jade vs. DeAnna. DeAnna may not be the nicest girl ever, but she makes a good point about being a little more mature than Jade. Jade spent almost all of her interview calling DeAnna as many names as possible. That date was like a tennis match of two clowns trying to out-Oliver Twist each other. Both of them struggled to be the AMAZING women they are today. Wouldn’t humility in your accomplishments be more attractive? Oh well, Brad probably couldn’t keep up with what was going on anyway (not the sharpest pencil). In summary, Jade needed to go home. Her hair looked terrible (yep, I’m mature). DeAnna needs to take her confidence down a few notches with her comments about inviting the other girls to her wedding to Brad.

There were a couple of times where Brad did a great job of playing Captain Obvious. At one point, he admitted to not being funny. Really? Later, he calls Kristy refined and admits that he isn’t. At least he’s correct in his self-awareness; he’s neither refined nor funny. Not that I care since I’m usually busy gazing at his big blue eyes and hoping he’d take his shirt off again.

This competition is Jenni’s to lose. Brad made out with her before the rose ceremony instead of getting to know some of the other girls he wasn’t sure about. I hope the other girls notice this and STOP crying during their exit interviews! Hey, a girl can hope right?


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