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Brad The Bachelor ep 6

Updated on June 14, 2011

Hometown Dates

Written in 2007 during Brad Womack's first term as The Bachelor....

I love Jenni’s modesty, “Dancing is the passion of my life and I’m really, really good at it.”  Why wasn’t there music when she was dancing on stage for him?  It just made the situation AWKWARD!  When she was making her speech about long distance relationships, either he didn’t respond or the wise producers edited out his response.  However, I’d like to point out that he came into this with some serious assumptions.  He thought his “perfect” girl would either just so happen to live in Austin (then he should have kept Solisa) or that she would be more than happy to uproot her life wherever she is and move to Austin for a dude she’s only known for 6 weeks.  I’m not judging, but those are some serious expectations!

Sheena’s mom is a FREAK!  She sounded like Claire’s drunken alter-ego.  Wait, was she drunk?  It was bizarre that her mom kept using the word “we” instead of Sheena.  “We are ready to commit” was probably the creepiest part.  That’s probably one of the reasons she got cut.  Although it was kind of obvious that she was kept around because Chad liked her so much.  I really wish she had not used the cliché about Brad being “the last one I see when I go to bed, and the first one I when I wake up in the morning.”  She lost some points with me for that one.

When he was in Georgia (which I thought it was weird he was originally from there because he really SOUNDS like he’s from Texas), he told DeAnna’s family that he takes marriage seriously.  Interesting choice to come on a show that basically tries to force you to get engaged after 6 weeks of dating someone unmonogamously (is that a word?).  The whole dramatic conversation with DeAnna and her sister in the bedroom was so staged, it was embarrassing.  But at least Brad took the opportunity to get wasted (and hopefully the show got him a driver).


All I can say about Bettina’s family is SNOBSVILLE!  I don’t know how they can be so judgmental when their daughter isn’t perfect.  I couldn’t believe when her dad said Bettina’s ex-husband was perfect.  Come on!  He’s really not saying much about his own daughter then.  Brad may not be the brightest crayon (or the biggest barrel of laughs, for that matter) but he seems like a pretty sincere dude—maybe a little misdirected in his decisions (like going on a reality dating show), but sincere.  I think he should get some credit for that.  I felt bad when Brad felt like he had to justify himself.  It’s not like he operates an underground strip club or something gross like that.  He’s not even some random uneducated clown that lives on his friends couches and switches jobs every week.  He’s a businessman who chose a different path than Mr. Perfect Father who blatantly judges his own daughter on national TV and reserves his condescending tone for anyone who isn’t exactly like him.  Anyway, Brad is an idiot for keeping her around.  That’s just my personal opinion.    


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