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Brad The Bachelor ep 7

Updated on February 28, 2014

Overnight Dates Are Dirty!

Written in 2007 during Brad Womack's first term as The Bachelor.....

To be fair, this is always the most ridiculous episode of every season.  As a girl on this show, you know that what you do with him behind closed doors, all the other girls are doing too.  Call me crazy, but I’m just not into that.  Plus, the way they prompt them to talk about it is so over the top.  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s so intrusive.  In a few years, they’ll just leave the camera rolling all night and use night vision camera.  Ick. 

There are a couple of things he seems to say to/about every girl.  He says that he wants to be around every girl all the time.  I’m sure he likes hanging out with each of them, but there’s no need to repeatedly say that he wants to be around each and every single one of them 24/7.  So, he basically wants to be on a quadruple date every second of every day?  He must have a lot of energy.  Secondly, he said that he had been waiting since the first day for this overnight date with both Jenni and DeAnna.  That’s just dirty.

Is it just me or do Jenni and Brad have the same “What do you want to happen” conversation in every episode?  I fear, my friends, that their relationship is strictly physical.  Let me just let this next quote from Brad speak for itself; “I’d like to spend the night with her and get to know her in that way.” 

DeAnna’s speech about how she feels consisted of the same 3 sentences repeated about 39 times each.  Ok, we get it.  You “love” him.  I think she might actually win for a few reasons.  The words “soul mate,” “lifetime,” and “PERFECT” were thrown around throughout that date.  Plus, I think that he sees something there outside of the physical (unlike Jenni).  He’s also really impressed that she is actually interested in him.  Everyone else, I feel like he expects them to be into him by default of being on the show.  He seems like he feels genuinely lucky that she’s “falling” for him.


Oh Bettina.  She thought he was asking her to move to Austin.  That just led to yet another awkward conversation about her snobby family and their judgments.  She completely lied when she said her parents were just concerned that Bettina’s feelings weren’t reciprocated.  How obvious was that when she admitted that her parents would be disappointed if she did move to Austin.  If her parents were truly only concerned that Bettina was going to be rejected, they wouldn’t have a problem with her moving to Austin if HE ASKED HER TO.  Kind of a sign that the dude likes ya.  Anyway, when she said she fell in love by herself, it wasn’t love it was a bruised ego talking.  She was claiming to be in love with him on like day one.  Sorry sista, it doesn’t work that way.  That’s the irony of the word “reality” in reality TV.  Look it up. 

When he started the rose ceremony with his statement about beginning this process with a group of strangers, I fully expected the end of the sentence to be “and now I’m down to 3 women I did the dirty with so here’s how I rank you.”  On a positive note, I do like that he takes time to actually “break up” with each of them.  He doesn’t just tell them to watch their head and shove ‘em in the limo.  However, that would make for some good TV! 


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