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Breaking Bad :”Stay out of my territory”

Updated on August 26, 2016

One of the most interesting television programs în the last years, some say one of the greatest TV series ever, catches an important light motive of today's society that of the ''dark/angel''- a character that isn't necessarily all bad, but is forced to a life of crimes, an individual who, for different reasons, cannot continue his normal life and risks everything to reach his goal. I would say this man has to be able to be duplicitous, and thus he must be very intelligent in order to avoid being caught. Usually, his motive is one that we all can relate to on some level, and precisely that is the thing that makes our hero, not a man who seeks to do bad things, but a man who wants to do good by using bad methods. There are 5 breaking bad seasons and 62 breaking bad episodes.

This stereotype is our hero, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, a high-school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, turns to a life of crime and, with the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) decides to produce and to sell crystallized methamphetamine în order to leave his family – wife Skyler Whithe (Ana Gunn), son Walter Jr (RJ Mittet), and daughter Holly (Eleanor Anne Wenrich), the opportunity of living a decent life after his death. As you can see, the breaking bad cast numbers lots of well-known actors.

If you haven't already watched the show, the line in the title of this article comes from season 2 episode 10 :''Over'', and it's one of the coolest moments of the show. Walter, by now an experienced criminal, notices in the local hardware store the cart of a young man, very agitated and suspicious looking, who is trying to buy materials to make drugs. With his calm expression, Walter advises him not to buy all the things needs in one place, in order to avoid unwanted attention. The young guy then rushes out of the store, spooked by Walter. In this uncut scene, Walt decides to confront the funny clothed guy.

In the parking lot, Walter is being waited by the young man's burly pal, and, staring directly at him, tells him: ''Stay out of my territory''.The two of them, frightened, get in their car and drive away.

This scene is so great because we can see the contrast between the cold, calculated and experienced criminal that Walter has become and a pair of amateurs trying to make the same deal, but most likely to end in jail.


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