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Breaking Down the Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Updated on December 16, 2013

Two weeks ago, the final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness hit the web and drove fans crazy with excitement for the crew of the Enterprise's latest adventure. As is typical with a J.J. Abrams production, no major revelations were revealed in the trailer except for the fact that this latest Star Trek has the potential to be the best ever done in the series' near 50 year history. Major spoilers were revealed on the web after the films global premiere last Tuesday, but I will not reveal them here. If you know what happens or know what the real identity of the villain is, then please refrain from giving that information in the comments section.

The trailer begins with a voiceover from Admiral Pike telling Kirk that his recklessness is going to get his crew killed, but he still believes in him. Then we see the new villain, John Harrison, attack a meeting of top Starfleet brass, saying "vengeance is coming." Then we see the terrorist attack in London while Kirk asks for permission to go after the culprit. We then hear Harrison say that Kirk is a pawn and that he can't guarantee the safety of his crew. Then we see a giant black Federation ship, publicly revealed as the USS Vengeance, appear before the Enterprise before the action begins. We see the Enterprise take on the Vengeance, Klingons in action, Spock fighting Harrison, Kirk and Scotty running around a falling Enterprise, and more shots of the Vengeance dishing out some heavy damage to the Enterprise. At the end we see a shot of Kirk standing in the aftermath of the meeting Harrison shot up while Pike is heard saying "I believe in you Kirk" again before the title and credits are shown.

The classic Trek theme of family is present throughout the trailer as we see Pike act as a father figure for Kirk, Spock trying to stop Kirk from a rash choice like a loving brother, and the idea that Kirk can't protect his crew like the head of a family should. The relationships of these people are the backbone of Star Trek and it looks like J.J. and his crew haven't forgotten that fact as they continue to hold the reigns of this series. In a clip released today, the theme of family is present with the new villain as Harrison talked about how there are 72 reasons on the Enterprise for what he's doing. The clip hinted at the villains true identity, insinuating that there something hidden on the Enterprise and that Harrison has close ties to whatever those 72 things are.

One of the major things that I am very excited about is the Enterprise getting in on some ship to ship destruction. The only thing that I felt was missing from the 2009 film was action sequences involving the Enterprise itself. Much to my joy, the Enterprise will once again be engaging in space warfare as it goes up against the Vengeance.

The other aspect of this film that I can't wait to see is the return of the Klingons. The crew travel to the Klingon homeworld to take down Harrison and get themselves in trouble with the ridged warriors who make their triumphant return as antagonists for the first time in years. The Klingons are one the most iconic alien creations in the history of entertainment. It's great to see them featured and reimagined for a new fanbase that will get to see them in action, possibly for the first time.

Star Trek Into Darkness promises to be one of the best films of this year and could possibly be the best entry in the series long history. The story, villain, action, special effects, and classic Trek traits look to be in epic form and could take Star Trek to new heights of success never seen before in the series.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens on May 17th.


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    • clopez26 profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Lopez 

      5 years ago from Laurel, MD

      I had high hopes too and it delivered. I'll be posting a review very soon. Great movie.

    • Vlorsutes profile image


      5 years ago from Ohio

      I can't wait for this movie. As such a huge fan of the Star Trek franchise (and the 2009 reboot), I have high hopes in this being amazing as well.


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