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Breaking News: RFK JR. Arrested

Updated on February 14, 2013

According to CNN, dozens of environmental activists, including Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Daryl Hannah – handcuffed themselves to the White house gates yesterday, February 13, 2013.

The environmentalists were chanting, “President Obama, we don’t want no climate drama!” This was all due to Obama’s administration not announcing their stand the controversial Keystone Pipeline and they were demanding the government to take serious action on this issue.

Hannah told the reporter that, “President Obama, should reject the Keystone Pipeline because it is a lethal project.” Her concerns are if this gets accepted that it will create a fuse to one of the largest carbon bomb on the entire planet.

If you keep up with Hannah you will know this is not her first time being arrested in from of the Whitehouse protesting for this same exact reason. The last time they protest in front of the White house for the Keystone Pipeline was back in August of 2012 and there she was also arrested.

Kennedy was calling the pipeline “monumental boondoggle.” Kennedy concerns are about poisoning the air; in result kill millions over time.

As for a final decision over extending the pipeline will be announced this spring at least, that is what the State Department says. It is currently under review by the State Department, since it will cross international boundaries.


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