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Breathe Featuring Melanie Munoz By Beat Author

Updated on June 12, 2017

Remember when you first got into listening to music and how you heard something you fell in love with and wanted to turn everyone around you on to it? Well, that exactly the way I felt when I heard Breathe. It's the latest single from Beat Author and it features Melanie Munoz on the microphone. Breathe is the kind of power pop ballad that gets the kids tapping away on their cell phones to one another and the crowds flicking their Bics at night in the overcrowded arenas. Totally electrified chills delightfully shivering up and down your spine as you're listening to it is what you should expect to experience when you hear it.

Melanie delivers the song like she alone was born to sing it. The tune begins with a few measures of arpeggiated chords finger picked on an acoustic guitar. By the time we get to the ninth bar of Breathe Munoz opens with, "Eyes open and I see your face/In a way I can't erase/And these feelings I can't explain/Never thought my heart would change/Slow down - take time/This is once in a lifetime/It's here and now/Breathe in - breathe out/Heart is racing now and it's time to choose/After all this time/I finally realize /I'm in love with you". When she gets to the word "love" in those lines her voice breaks a bit in such a nakedly honest way you just may need to fight to hold back some long pent up tears.

Beat Author is comprised of Cristofer Arthur and Brian Cohen, a pair of record producers working out of New York City. Instead of attempted to bedazzle their listeners with slick studio special effects and recording tricks they wisely peel back layer after layer of heartfelt emotions so we see them for what they are; that what makes us love and that what makes us lovable. It's not as simple as it sounds, because when doing so the pitfall is always a tendency to become mired in cloying, mawkish clichés or saccharine sentimentality. I believe they succeed in doing this by merely being unafraid of bravely baring their soul in their music.

Earlier this year Beat Author released a record titled "Trust". More in the hip-hop vein it featured the rapper Drag-On, one of the original members of the Ruff Ryder entertainment group, and Jay Major, a New Mexico MC. With Breathe the tilt is more towards an Adult Top 40 or Adult Contemporary sound that seems to be making quite a lot of impact on the radio airwaves these days. Even so, it possesses a kind of universality that anyone who's ever been blindsided by love can undoubtedly relate to. This selection will certainly be included on The Album compilation that Beat Author plan to put out later on in the year. And if both these numbers are any indication of what they have in store for us, then I'm of the mind that we'll all be in for something really good.


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