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Updated on October 2, 2012


V.1---I cant breath with you foot on my throat...

So take your f*ckin lies with you

I dont need them anymore...


not on your side

this time (oh No)

all your lies will set me free

(chorus 1)''''This is what I get for not minding my inner self

(yeah) this is what I get for for not minding my innerself

. Tired of being looked at as a fool.

Look me in my eyes and tell the truth.

V.2------I cant breathe with you knife at my throat.....So take your f*ckin tears , choke 'em down and leave me the hell alone.Dont need your time, your lies , this time (Hell No) Cuz without you Im doin fine.

(chorus 2) This what you get for not finding your inner self..Oh This is what you get for puttin me up on a self. I wont be your next choice next best no more. Hell no.......Its your ass this time around.

V3 ---- Can you breath with my hands on your throat?....

.If I squeeze a little harder ...

will my rage reveal whai I already now?..

.Your empty words wont mend my soul (oh no)

Empty promises cant make me whole....

(chorus 3)

Well is this what i get for not minding my inner self?(yeah) this is what i get for loosin my inner self. You took my heart.... my soul ,... my pride, ...and all the time love was a lie


-I can breathe fine with my foot on your throat....

Just a little more hate and I will show yout this aint a joke..

.Your words have no hold, this time, F*ck No

Your worthless tears don't bother me...

Breathing deep as you now slip away ...

smiling madly into the face of your awaited misery..

your pleas go ignored this time....revenge will be mine

(chorus 4) Beware of silence or be blinded by difiance.. it takes from my soul.... I cant look at you anymore since the day you left me... Rage replaced the love that day ........ unforgiven.... sins that bind you..... Bitch theres not one word of truth.....they say misery loves company... it cant be true cuz no one loves you.

Bridge----- Burying you breathlessly ... silently your killing me..smothering..... I cant breathe....your always following ....down my neck breathing heavily..... ALL the time plotting YOUR DEMISE

(chorus 5) I cant breathe with your foot on my throat. So take you f8ckin lies with you...pack your sh*t up and get out and go....Its not my time on the line this time Hell no.. breaking free from your ball and chain ..Time ticking away lost days once more ...never to fall for love again...

*Zayleen Pain* 7-26-11 * this song was inspired by the greatest vocalist no one will have

the pleasure of hearing "Sly"..Thanx buddy


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    • profile image

      malak Pain 6 years ago

      well the one you write about, ended up flipping out and turned into the demon that hurt you more than i ever have... I love You and Miss You babygirl!!!!! untill we are together again.....

      Love Endlesslly

      Malak Pain

    • DarkDisOrder profile image

      DarkDisOrder 6 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

      Your welcome from both, as we are one in the same, two sides of the same coin.

    • Zayleen Pain profile image

      brittney 6 years ago from lost in my own minds lines

      Thank you darkdisorder.I will definetly check you out. Pain is definetely a big inspiration, I actually have it tattoed on my arm next to Empathy!

    • Zayleen Pain profile image

      brittney 6 years ago from lost in my own minds lines

      Thank you so much I always look forward to your coments Mr Spade you truely are and amazing writer and to have such nice comments from you is truely flattering.

    • DarkDisOrder profile image

      DarkDisOrder 6 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

      Pain, i really like the fact thats in ur name and ur writing's are beautiful, check out mine, comment or jus let it warp u,

    • profile image

      MrDSpade2 6 years ago

      Yeah this was great ur talent is something else, Zayleen Pain.