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Breathtaking Movies like Inception

Updated on August 18, 2019
Inception Poster
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The movies I mention in this list are actually not exactly like Inception, but they will leave you with many of the complicated storylines and same intricate and mind-bending scenes.


In the year 2044, if criminal syndicates wish to get rid of anyone, they send them back to be murdered in the past. After that, loopers, who are contract killers, kill them, leaving no record of a single thing. Then, one day a looper (Joy) learns he has to “shut the loop” by murdering his own self, who instantly leaves.

Looper has an exciting and interesting plan regarding dystopic future and time-travel. So still if you are searching for a thought-provoking and challenging science fiction film with attractive storytelling and mind-bending scenes, give it a shot!

Looper Poster
Looper Poster | Source

Matrix Trilogy

Matrix Trilogy may be an older film trilogy on this list, indeed the original Matrix just celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary, but this is one of the best movies that really made inception possibility. The thriller genre and the science-fiction drama was generally promoted by The Matrix. In the saga, there were 3 films, and each one of them was really great. The interesting thing about the movie is that some of the concepts behind the film are actually taken from a part of Plato’s Republic. Whereas it evidently has an additional new take, it does an outstanding task showing this logical idea.

Thomas Anderson, also identified as “Neo”, is living two lives: it can look like as if he is a normal programmer of a respectable software company by day, but by night he is a hacker as well. One day he comes face to face with the most famous hacker known as Morpheus, who tells him the reality of the real world. Many of the individuals are the Matrix targets, a race of machines that make use of individual’s bodies and brains for energy similar to batteries. In addition, he also considers that Neo is the one who can bring liberty and freedom to their struggle. If you are searching for a film with some awesome special effects and with a gripping story, then you shouldn’t miss out on Matrix Trilogy.

MatriX Trilogy Posters
MatriX Trilogy Posters | Source

Fight Club

The movie “Fight Club” shows the world in a fascinating light, regarding the emptiness of the meaning of life. Feeling empty from modern existence. This dark action-packed thriller shows the story of an unhappy office employee, a man who is searching for a new method to change his entire life. One day, there is a multi-talented soap-maker who crosses his path, and at the same time, challenges him to a fight. The narrator feels that fighting helps him to feel alive, and soon both friends arrange a popular underground fight club, that has everyone engaged in a larger mission of anarchy.

This version of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel is fast-paced and tightly packed. If you have not seen the movie “Fight Club” up till now but still searching for some film that will incite much discussion, you certainly must have to check this out.

The genius of David Fincher, in conjunction with stars like Edward Norton and the young Brad Pitt, is what makes this film a complete and absolute must-watch. The film Fight Club is wholly based on the same tag novel, until the very end, it will keep you guessing. Is it just a vision? Or is it real? Well, I would not like to impair the film for you.

Fight Club Poster
Fight Club Poster | Source


Seven is an American psychological thriller movie directed by David Fincher in the year 1995. The movie stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, with Kevin Spacey, Lee Ermey, Gwyneth Paltrow and John C. McGinley in supporting parts of the film. It was directed by David Fincher and based on a script by Andrew Kevin Walker.

William Somerset (soon-to-retire) and a fresh detective David Mills are killing investigators who become totally involved in the case of an aggressive crazy man whose planned murders that relate to the "seven deadly sins": pride, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, and wrath. On September 22, 1995, the movie “Seven” was released in the United States of America by New Line Cinema. This movie was the top seventh grossing movie of the year, generating more than 327 million dollars internationally.

Se7en Poster
Se7en Poster | Source

The Machinist

There are a lot of good things about the movie “The Machinist” that is well worthy of praise. The atmospheric nature of the movie is supported extremely well by brilliant actors, as well as an atmospheric environment. The plot of the movie leaves you thinking quite a bit. Whereas it makes its mood superbly, It’s dark and atmospheric and will have your brain cells crisscrossed.

The Machinist film is an impressive and effective showcase of the work that actors such as Christain Bale can produce. In the movie, the effort to deal with how he sees the truth is fascinating. The character has very severe sleeplessness, which reasons strange and quirky behaviors. Shortly, these strange and quirks behaviors reject and push away those who are close to him. Similar to Inception, you are left wondering which parts of the film are not real and which parts of the film are real.

The Machinist Poster
The Machinist Poster | Source

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