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Brenden Theater Review

Updated on December 28, 2013
Brenden Theater in downtown Modesto
Brenden Theater in downtown Modesto | Source

Our Last Movie at Brenden

My wife and see a movie almost every weekend. Sometimes we catch a weekday film, too. The theater nearest our home is Brenden. Every weekend, I spin the roulette wheel when I choose to see a film at this outlet. It is a gamble to see a movie at Brenden. The lax management inspires lax attitudes in both employees and movie goers.

Paper and Soap Often Absent in Restrooms

By lax policy, I mean that it is a spin of the roulette wheel on rather you will find paper towels Maybe 70% of the time, paper towels are available. The other 30% I leave with wet hands. More often, there is no hand soap (worse than 50-50). Since they prepare food for sale, that is a real issue.

Nevertheless, it is close to home, so we have been going there.

Free Tickets
The last two weekends, they put up a table with a real roulette wheel. A spin of the wheel could win you a little Brenden flag, a "high five" (it is exactly what it sounds like- a slap on your upheld palm), or free courtesy popcorn, soda, or even a free admission ticket.

My wife and I won two admissions, a soda, and a courtesy popcorn.

We decided to redeem them June 10, 2012. We watched the trailer for "Dictator" at home and decided it would be a good laugh.

The movie had a few rough points, but I wanted to ride it out and watch the movie. Many of the gags and punchlines were obviously intended to create laughs, but fell flat. Sasha Barron Cohen just made his "Dumb and Dumber", in my opinion.

When the Dictator Aladeen of Wadiya attempted to help a woman in labor deliver a baby, we walked out. His first move was to attempt fornication. Then, he -three times- put his hand into the woman's wrong orifice. "The good news is, your colon is very healthy," Aladeen told the woman.

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Brenden Theater on 10th Street, Modesto, CA

A marker1010 S. 10th Street, Modesto, ca -
1010 10th St, Modesto, CA 95354, USA
get directions

Movie theater with bad management, a good chance of no paper towels, and a stringent refund policy (no refunds after half way).

Walked Out on Dictator

Walked Out

That was it, we walked out.

We have walked out of 5 or 6 flicks in 4 years going there. We stopped buying popcorn because of the soap thing. But, we regularly pay some hourly wages there. In times past, we have been told that as long as we walked out before the end, we could receive a refund. When Dictator hit the absolutely disgusting mark, there were about 25 or 30 minutes of the movie remaining.

Delays and Confusion of Authority

The ticket girl seemed unsure as to why no one was manning the customer service. She finally sent us to the concession stand. That girl sent us back to the ticket girl, and we were routed to the ticket window from there.

We politely waited in line while two couples purchased tickets. The ticket seller told us we could see another movie, but we could not receive a refund. We told him we did not want refunds. We went over the movies starting soon, and we had either already seen (Prometheus) or did not want to see (Madagascar III).

We asked for comp tickets.

New Policy - No Refunds after Half Way

A young girl came back with our ticket stubs after the ticket seller disappeared with them. She met us outside and explained that Brenden policy is that if we have seen more than half the movie, a refund is impossible.

The fact we have received refunds or comp tickets in the past- after the half-way point of the movie- did not phase her. I asked where the policy is posted. I told her case law would favor us in that past performance and statements from staff let us know that "before the end of the movie" meant a replacement of some sort.

The young lady would not budge. I could see she was becoming upset. And, at that point I was merely debating the ludicrous idea that we should not receive comp tickets for a future movie. So, my wife and I departed, empty handed.

No Longer a Brenden Customer

Know what? We have determined to take our business to Riverbank's Galaxy theater. We decided to make an organized "run". We will hit the Target, Best Buy, and Kohl's en route to the movie. It's a good plan.

It is a little more time and gas to drive out to Riverbank. But, we will make it worth our trip by combining some shopping with the outing.

Goodbye, Brenden!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my Brenden Theater Review.

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Brenden Theater, Modesto, CA

Some Good about Brendan


You can get a matinee ticket any day of the week. Before 6 o'clock in the evening, a ticket costs just $5.

$5 Weekday Special

For more than a year, an evening ticket also costs just $5. This holds Monday through Thursday. After 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, an adult ticket costs $10.50 (last update: September, 2012).


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