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Brian Tracy Review - Is This Business Coach The Real Deal?

Updated on August 23, 2011

How Quickly Can Brian Tracy Help Someone?

You may not have heard of Brian Tracy yet, or you may have been told of his incredible success, and had trouble believing it. I know I thought something must be a little strange when I heard about his popularity and accomplishments. It's tempting to dismiss it all as just another hyped up millionaire success story - however, I took another look, and here's why you should, too.Click Here To Receive A FREE Copy Of Brian Tracy's "21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires" Program

Brian Tracy has more than thirty years of experience at helping to develop the maximum potential in people and businesses. I found that the Brian Tracy University that he runs, which is meant to be a learning center for ambitious entrepreneurs, started helping me in lots of ways right from the start.

Provided you are open minded and willing to listen to what he has to say, you will be amazed at just how much you can learn from him. There is a lot to take in, but if you are prepared to learn you can do so within a very short time - even just a few days.

Consumer Complaints And Comments?

"Brian Tracy can say in one page what other authors will spend a whole chapter on."

Portion of an actual review on

"In my opinion, Tracy was and is one of the greats in sales education, and in helping others close in on their potential."

Portion of an actual review on Sales

"Although easy to read the book is not well designed and it feels like reading a newspaper, you can barely find a space in the pages."

Portion of an actual review on

What Are The Top 5 Things I Learned From Brian Tracy?

The two most important things for me were that goal setting really does work once you know how to do it right and that it pays to try out different things. Don't get stuck in a rut the whole time. I also discovered that a struggling business can succeed if it takes the right path forward. It might take time and it may not be easy, but it can happen. Additionally, Brian Tracy taught me that you CAN have the life you want if you really want it enough. Finally I discovered that persistence can be a good thing! Some people think Brian can be a little overbearing and too full of determination, but I don't agree. There is a difference between being overbearing and persistent, and Brian comes down on just the right side of things. Don't give up too easily or you won't get anywhere - he taught me that above all else.

His website promised the achievement of goals and the creation of wealth among other things. I didn't achieve that overnight but I am definitely getting there much faster through following his methods than I would be through acting alone. Brian Tracy provides advice and support as well as the knowledge you will need to succeed.

What Does / Did He Leave Out?

In short, nothing was left out. His website was packed with information so you know what you are getting before you decide to buy anything. My one niggle was that there could have been a bit more detail about the individual lessons in his university courses. But they certainly delivered so this is a minor point.

What Type Of Person Is Brian Tracy Right For? And Who Would He Be Wrong For?

Make no mistake - you need to be open minded about what he is going to share with you. If you think you know everything already then you won't learn what you should be learning. Don't buy anything Brian promotes if you aren't ready to listen to him.

Can I Recommend Him?

Yes, definitely - Brian Tracy has countless lessons to give you if you are ready to receive them. His Brian Tracy University alone is packed with guidance and advice on all aspects of business. I was a little sceptical to begin with as to whether the advance hype about Brian Tracy was a bit much, but I needn't have worried. He knows his stuff and he is an expert at sharing it with people from all walks of life as well. The only way you will lose out is if you don't act on the knowledge he has at all.

A Taster of Brian Tracy...

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      How much of that is your own unique opinion?

    • SiegridRee profile image


      7 years ago

      I've listened to some of his tapes. They are pretty good.

    • TenPoundTenor profile image


      8 years ago

      great lens, I just started reading "Eat the Frog".

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good lens. I feed my head with brian tracy material. It really does help.


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