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Brian Vs Kyle: Religion Wars

Updated on February 13, 2014
Jesus with God on South Park
Jesus with God on South Park | Source
Peter hangs out with Jesus on Family Guy
Peter hangs out with Jesus on Family Guy | Source

So if you're like me, you're a fan of the animated comedies that are all over TV. I'm a big fan of South Park, but I also like Family Guy, King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Archer, and all the others shows that fall into the genre.

But there is however one thing that has been bothering me, actually more like eating the back of my mind, so now I'm just going to ask it. There are two characters in both Family Guy and South Park. Brian and Kyle respectively, both aren't Christian, but they have met Jesus multiple times. Why is that?

In this post, I'm going to explore both characters and see why they don't believe in Jesus Christ's divinity.

Kyle from South Park may not believe Jesus died for his sins, but Jesus is always around to tell him he has.
Kyle from South Park may not believe Jesus died for his sins, but Jesus is always around to tell him he has. | Source


Kyle Broflovski from South Park may possibly be television's favorite Jew. From seeing how upset he gets during the Christmas season, to having him be the butt of Eric Cartman's hilariously offensive jokes, Kyle continues to grow as a character during each episode.

But the big question is why this little 8 year old decides to never question his Jewish faith even though he has had multiple experiences with Jesus himself.

My only actual reasoning for this circumstance would be that Kyle is in fact 8. Being so young it is natural for him to follow in the steps of his parents. I do question when he will change his mind as each of the boys' mentalities have matured over the years. So is it only a matter of time before Kyle decides to change his faith? That remains something to be seen.

Brian Griffin the drunken atheist.
Brian Griffin the drunken atheist. | Source


Brian Griffin from Family Guy is a different story when compared to South Park's Kyle. This dog is a vocal atheist that avidly mocks characters with religion despite living with the Griffin Family who are Catholic. (Even though their religious beliefs have seemed to slack as the series progresses.)

Brian is a character that confuses me a bit more because not only has he met Jesus, he has met other religious figures as well, but refuses to find a religion. Brian openly sips drinks and mocks the world for believing in "fictional saviors" that have been proven real in the fantasy world.

The only reason I can think of that would explain any of this is the fact that Family Guy itself doesn't like to have its characters progress or evolve. Well, I'll say this, they do have moments where they seem to change their view, but fall back on old traits in the next episode, pretty much forgetting they ever made a different life choice.

I would be much more comfortable with Brian picking a religion (not specifically Christianity) because it just doesn't seem natural for me for a character to believe there's not an religious answer to life.

So the question remains, will these characters ever find an answer? Can Kyle accept that Jesus does exist for a reason? Can Brian accept that there is indeed a religious answer to life's confusing questions? I guess the only real way to ever tell is to stay tuned.

Which character's religious views make more sense?

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