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Brielle von Hugel American Idol 11 (2012) Spoilers and Predictions

Updated on January 7, 2012

Brielle von Hugel first appeared on American Idol during Season 10. This Staten Island, NY native was 16 at the time. According to spoilers over at TheIdolPad, Brielle has made it to the Top 42 for the 11th season.

Brielle was actually one of my favorites during Season 10's Hollywood Week. She was in the same group as Pia Toscano and Alessandra Guercio, and the girls sang Bruno Mars' "Grenade." We know she made it past the group round but was cut at some point before the voting rounds. There was something about her "Grenade" performance that I really liked. She doesn't have a super vocal tone, but her control seems to be spot on, and she had a spunkiness about her that made her look comfortable on stage.

Having made it to the Top 42, it would be nice to see her get a chance in the voting rounds. If she performs as well as she did during that "Grenade" performance, I predict that she will make it. She also seems to have a fair amount of versatility, as seen from her initial American Idol audition of "Endless Love." The judges said she needed some work, and I think what they were sensing is that her performance there, although beautiful, was somewhat formulaic and lacking in personal style. In my opinion, "Grenade" showed that she does have performing skills and some uniqueness.

Having said that, Brielle will likely not appeal to large portions of the United States. She is much like the typical New York girl and could be Marisa Tomei's little sister. East Coast contestants have not done well on Idol. If Brielle makes the voting rounds, I predict she will struggle throughout to get casual votes and need some luck to make the Top 12. I personally judge on the voice and could see her being Top 12 or even higher talent wise. But the audience votes on other factors, and Brielle von Hugel seems too generic to garner a lot of casual votes.


TheIdolPad's American Idol 11 Spoiler Page

Brielle Von Hugel American Idol 10 "Endless Love" Audition

Brielle von Hugel "Grenade" Group-Round Performance


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