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The Bright Light Social Hour

Updated on March 16, 2015
Bright Light Social Hour
Bright Light Social Hour | Source

Central Texas has seen its share of variety but, nothing as the multi-genred, ever so funkiness of The Bright Light Social Hour. With the lead Vocals of Jack O'brien, swinging his hips and sporting his eighties porn-star stashe to the single 'Back in Forth' off their self titled debut album, these guys exude a retro hipness with a sexy beat. Bringing forth all the measures of classic rock, indie, disco and funk, The Bright Light Social Hour gets the party started and does not stop for even a mere breathe. The single 'Shanty' hits a disco note like Studio 54 and pairs off with a southern rock stature with some thrown in slide. All the effects of this album are great mixtures of modern originality with a twist of classic 1970s hi-fi perfectly arranged by producer Danny Reish.

Started in the mists of a university rock-alt scene, The Bright Light Social Hour started its campaign creatively by the fundraising idea of A.J Vincent. This fundraiser spotlights Jack O'Brien's glorious and attention getting mustache through the website called Taking in donations, in turn to provide certain services such as cooking dinner to car washing. Funding was raised for a third of the costs of the record easing the tension of the costs in producing. The Bright Light Social Hour is the new upcoming Austin hopefuls reigning in as 'Best Indie Band' from the 2010 Austin Music Awards and are growing in the Austin Music Scene rapidly. The bands fiercely energetic funk from lead vocals, Jack O'brien, guitar and vocals of Curtis Roush, slamming skills from keyboardists, Edward Braillif and Josh Mirasole on drums, together, form an original sound and influence all their own with their upbeat creative groove that entertains and keeps fans moving and growing at full velocity.


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