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Bright Movie Review, The New Bad Boys Of The Fantasy Genre

Updated on December 29, 2017
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A.R. Somoza, Is the creator of Before the Sequel. His main mission is to talk about his digitial consumption and share his experience.

End of Watch meets Lord of the Rings... Kinda

Bright has been compared to Training Day meets Lord of the Rings, to me its more like End of Watch meets Lord of the Rings minus dwarfs and hobbits. There is a centaur thrown in, so a little bit of Narnia as well. Still of course the human race takes center stage in the film, with Will Smith's character Ward. A regular cop looking to retire and get a piece of the American pie.

Which he consistently reminds us through out the whole entire movie, Ward just wants his day to go back to normal. You can't blame him, the stigmatization cops experience in real life is portrayed in Bright. As nobody outside the police force trust the LAPD, but what's worst for Ward is his partner Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). The first orc in existence to become a cop, and because of it no one in the LAPD trust Jakoby and the same goes for Ward.

Jakoby gets called

racial slurs

like pig face and pig skin.

A Racial Conundrum

Thankfully Jakoby is the comedic relief of the movie, most of the time taking the lime light away from Will Smith's Ward. Jakoby always wanted to be a cop since he was a kid and even filed his bottom fangs down to prove his loyalty to the badge. He can also speak elf, which he learned in high school.

Jakoby is the center of controversy through out the movie. Receiving racial slurs like pig face and pig skin from most humans. Which are just racist against everything that's fantastical in Bright. To the point were we witness Ward murder a fairy. By crushing it with a broom, like a big old mosquito.

Watch out Tinker Bell
Watch out Tinker Bell

A Spanish Lesson For Elves

Bright elevates the racial inequality by making the elf race super white and super rich!! everyone is driving a lamborghini, who needs horses anymore. Orcs are racially profiled to be evil... while the only humans in Bright are the cops and minorities in gangs, I guess they stayed faithful to that part of life. The other forces that take place in the movie, are the Shield of Light who are basically the FBI. Which don't accomplish much in Bright, but drive around.

Always staying one step behind, by arriving late to every single crime scene. Also a villainous elf trio led by Monday, from the other Netflix Original film What Happened to Monday? Well, she went to a middle-earth convention... and someone has stolen her wand. The elf trio literally becomes my favorite part of the movie, because where else are you ever going to hear an elf speak Spanish and use a semi automatic weapon.

"Fulfill a great prophecy

in a stolen

Toyota Corolla"

Before the Sequel no pun intended

Yet those weapons are nothing compared to the wand in Bright, that would make even Harry Potter piss his pants. The wand literally has the power to incinerate others and at the same time make you filthy rich. The wand can be sold for millions because it can make any wish come true if your a Bright (A being worthy enough to wield it) if not your going to find yourself exploding to pieces.

So much is at stake and it takes place in a well thought out world, you see a dragon flying at night, and how to call in a magical demon wall as a cop. They even do a shout out to the Illuminati, if your into that type of stuff. So if you want to see two partners "fulfill a great prophecy in a stolen Toyota Corolla" one of my favorite quotes. Than go and watch Bright... and it doesnt matter if you like it or not, because Netflix already placed an order for the sequel.

© 2017 AR Somoza


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