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Brigitte Bardot - Voted Most Stylish Woman of All Time

Updated on June 18, 2012

Brigitte Bardot Wins UK Style Poll

A UK wide poll was recently held to see who the public believes to be the most stylish woman of all time. The winner is not whom you might automatically expect the British to vote for, for the winner was not a Brit. The winner was a French model/actress/singer and she first started her career on the cover of Elle magazine back in 1950, at the tender age of 15. Brigitte Bardot the UK style poll beating out some really stiff competition. Almost a third of the poll voted for Bardot as the most stylish woman of all time. Not a bad achievement if you can get it.

Bardot beat a number of highly known actresses and singers, from not only the UK but others that are international stars. Many of these names will be familiar to you and I think the results of this poll were a little unexpected.

Brigitte Bardot famous model pose
Brigitte Bardot famous model pose

Who Did Brigitte Bardot Beat in UK Style Poll?

Runner up for most stylish icon was the late Elizabeth Taylor. It was a close race with only a few percentage points between the pair. Elizabeth Taylor was a well known leading lady both on screen and off screen. She loved diamonds and perfume and was always impeccibly dressed, especially in her younger years.

The former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham came in 3rd. Victoria Beckham is more commonly known now as being the wife of the English footballer David Beckham and she is highly visible in the fashion world and has walked a few catwalks, due to her celebrity status. She has been in the center of controversy when it comes to her body size at times.

In 4th position was Cheryl Cole. Until recently Cheryl Cole was mostly known in the UK as a member of a girl pop group called Girl's Aloud and as a permanent judge on the UK X Factor. She also tried to launch a solo career and had to pause the release of her first solo album as she contracted malaria and was extremely sick in hospital for a number of weeks. In the past few months, it was announced she would be a judge on the new US X factor but has subsequently been removed as a judge. Unsurprisingly, American's struggled to understand what she was saying due to her accent. I find it surprising she got the job in the first place since as a fellow Brit I also struggle to understand what she is saying. The American's never stood a chance of understanding her.

In 5th place was the novelist Joan Collins.Audrey Hepburn came in 6th place and Grace Kelly in 7th place. Sophie Loren was in 8th position followed by Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana.

Brigitte Bardot in a bikini
Brigitte Bardot in a bikini

Why is Brigitte Bardot Considered a Style Icon?

For those too young to remember Brigitte Bardot she was a model/actress/singer from the 60's onwards. In terms of fashion achievements there were a number of them. Brigitte Bardot had a neckline named after her. The Bardot neckline is a top that has a very wide neckline and most commonly sits off the shoulders near the top of the arms.

It has also been said that Bardot was partly responsible for the popularization of the modern bikini. And girls you should thank her. Have you seen some of the swim wear they wore before? Most of it was unflattering and looks really uncomfortable.I have no idea how you were supposed to look sexy in it or get a suntan.

Bardot also popularized a type of Beehive hairstyle, very similar to the hairstyle worn by Amy Winehouse.

Bardot oozed sex appeal and attracted a number of designers and men to her call.

If you want to know more about Brigitte Bardot then go to the Brigitte Bardot tribute site.


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    • profile image

      waxi 6 years ago


      Interesting Hub I one life is not enough for me to vote any one single Western actress as No 1 Though I agree with what you said about B Bardot but I also go for susan hayward for her striking personality and marilyn monroe as a stunning lady with the super looking figure

      the best thing is they weren't girls next door !!!!!!


    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 6 years ago

      Thank you for reading my Hub and I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      Brigitte Bardot was surely one of the most desirable women ever. She had a powerful allure about her. What a face and what a body. Thank you for this Hub. It is a pleasure.