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Bring These Cartoons Back!!

Updated on June 22, 2011

With everyone from Yogi Bear to the Surfs making comebacks on the big screen – it got me to thinking of some other childhood cartoons that should make comebacks. Not every cartoon will be appealing on the big screen, but I would I love to see a lot of these have another run on Saturday morning stations. Add your favorite childhood cartoons in the comments below!

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids: We didn’t know about the real Butch Cassidy back then

Felix the Cat/Pink Panther/Top Cat: Original animated swagger

Garbage Pail Kids: They were just so nasty and disgusting and we loved it!

Gumby: Causing hours of wasted time trying to make a homemade Gumby and Pokeyout of dried up playdoh.

He-Man & the Masters of the Universe: The reason why you wore briefs for so long

Hong KongPhooey: You tried so hard and your dog still didn’t learn karate

Jem! And the Holograms: Birth of elementary school divas

The Jetsons: Everything we thought the future would be – maybe we were a little off? I think bringing them to the big screen can work with the right plot.

Mighty Mouse: Creating alter egos in kindergarteners everywhere

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer: Every birthday came around and still no Star Stealerhorse to ride to school

Thundarr the Barbarian: Everything we feared the future might be – glad we were off onthat guess.

Woody Woodpecker: No matter where you say his name, you will always hear that laughin your ears

Wacky Races: Which was your favorite car? I would like to see this one on the big screen too – a big cast of characters that the audience with fall in love with.

Some newcomer runner-ups:

Bobby’s World: Schooled everybody on how to work your imagination

Dexter’s Laboratory: Love the clash between Dexter and Didi

Doug: Made me want to get a journal

Powerpuff Girls: Kicking butt before bedtime

Ren & Stimpy: How can you not like the ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ song??

Rocko’s Modern Life: I like to think the show had some influence on the framework ofSpongebob

SpaceGhostCoastto Coast: He was alright as a superhero but he was hilarious as a talkshow host (Brak and Zorak were the perfect co-hosts)

Current cartoons that are awesome:

Adventure Time – Cartoon Network: So much random craziness from every direction

Jimmy Neutron - Nickelodeon: Llamas, Ultra-Lord, and crazy inventions – enough said

Spongebob - Nickelodeon: No explanation necessary with this one

The Amazing World of Gumball – Cartoon Network: Just like adventure time, random craziness thrown at you from every direction

WordGirl - PBS: Woooorrrrrrd Up!!


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