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British Children TV Shows from the 90s That You May Of Forgot About

Updated on April 25, 2016

Williams Wish Wellingtons

This Classic Ran From 1994-1995 Followed William and his dog Barksure And of course His pair of wish wellingtons! as he wishes for stuff he likes/Wants (And Of course Gets into Mishchief as well).


This Musical TV show ran for 13 Episodes in 1991! it followed the main protaganist The Spider and a Young Boy the story are told through song, The Style of music varied from episode to episode anything from Rock'N'Roll to Melancholic.

Funny Bones

in a Dark Dark Town you will find Funny Bones, The show ran for 12 Episodes during the end of 1992, And was Narrated by Welsh Comedian Griff Rhys Jones, The Show followed the Antics of 4 Skeletons, Big,Little,Dog and Dr.Bones.

Joshua Jones

This Welsh Stop animation Series ran for 12 Episodes in 1991 and followed a cheerful fellow named Joshua Jones who lives on a canal boat with his canine companion Fairport. They take trips up and down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks at Biggott's Wharf and generally having a fun time on the water

Charlie Chalk

Okay yes! this series did aire during the late 80s but it was still enjoyed by many Children during the 90s,The series tells the story of Charlie Chalk - a jolly Clown who, after falling asleep whilst fishing out at sea, ends up on a strange island by the name of Merrytwit (as explained in the title sequence before each episode). Characters had to be aware of coconuts which constantly fell from the trees on the island.

What one was your favourite growing up?

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