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5 Things You Didn't Know About Tony Scott

Updated on August 22, 2012

Tony Scott was a legendary British film-maker for many years. He inspired many actors and actresses with his extra-ordinary talent for visuals and films.

Recently, Hollywood and movie industry was grief-stricken about his sudden death. Several actors including Tom Cruise was saddened by his loss. When the news of his death sprung in the internet, in the media and in television, the name Tony Scott was one of the top name in Google search engine.

Here's ten things you didn't know about Tony Scott:

1. He was behind the success of "Top Gun", "Spy Game", "Crimson Tale", "The Taking of Pelhalm 123", "Deja vu", "Man of Fire", "The Hunger", "Beverly Hills Cop II" and many other films. His recent movie, "Unstoppable", which garnered positive review in 2010 was his last film before he died.

2. He was working for 10 years at TV Advertising Production Company that was owned by his brother Ridley's Scott. He directed ads such as BMW, Barclay's and Marlboro cigarettes. Later in years, he turned his directing abilities to films and movies.

Here are Sample of His Work as Commercial Director:

3. He was behind Tom Cruise stardom in the movie Top Gun. It was his movie in 1986 that made him as one of the extraordinary film maker in the history of movie industry. Top Gun movie cemented Tom Cruise status as a Superstar.

4. He worked with Denzel Washington in many films, Déjà Vu, Man on Fire, The Taking of Pelham 123 and his last film "Unstoppable".

5. He was found dead after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles. He died on Sunday, August 19 2012. He jumped off the bridge at around 12:30 and his body was recovered at around 3:00 pm. Many people could not believe that the identified body was Tony Scott himself.

He was one of the A' - list action director in Hollywood.


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