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British Personality Traits

Updated on October 31, 2012

What are common stereotypical British personality traits?

British people have some famous stereotypical personality traits and habits. Here are a few of my favourites:

Talking about the weather

"Hasn't it turned wintery!"

"Isn't it warm?"

"Oooh, I can't believe this weather!"

"It looks like rain"

It is true that British people like to talk about the weather but there is good reason! The weather in Britain is so changeable and unpredictable that nobody knows what to wear when they get up in the morning. Talking about the weather unites our country and is something we often use to strike up conversations with a stranger, you can also guarantee it's one of the first things on the topic of conversation when you speak to friends and family members too. It's like a 'warm up' to any conversation.


  • Saying sorry even when someone walks in to you.
  • Queuing at the bar to get a drink.
  • Never complaining even when you find a hair in your soup.

British people will always form an orderly queue, for example if you arrive at the bus stop and other people are there before you it is considered polite to stand in line and let the other people board the bus before you.

Obsession With Watching Soaps

  • Sarah Platt’s teenage pregnancy
  • Who shot Phil Mitchell?
  • Who killed Tom King?
  • Free Dierdre Barlow "Prime Minister Tony Blair has promised to intervene, newspapers have launched campaigns and thousands of ordinary people are outraged at a gross miscarriage of justice.The campaign to free Deirdre Rachid is gathering momentum with the Home Secretary Jack Straw under orders to look into the case."- This disturbingly; is actually a true newspaper report.

Yes, we love to watch other people living their fictional lives instead of living our own. Coronation Street, Eastender's and Emmerdale; that's our evening planned. When there was the great tram crash in Coronation Street some people actually called the police to report it. When I call my dad he tells me what's been happening in Emmerdale like the characters are actually members of our family.

Drinking Tea

Tea, the most popular drink in Britain. Most Brits can't function without a cup of tea to start the day and then of course we need 'tea breaks' one before lunch, another after lunch, another to combat the afternoon slump and even another one after dinner and perhaps one before bed for good measure. From 'builder's tea' in a mug to a drinking the finest tea from a cup and saucer - we love it.

Apparently 1% of Brits take teabags abroad with them when they go on holiday - I'm not sure where we think tea comes from but I do know that drinking a cup of tea can solve 99% of problems. Tea solves everything.

Binge drinking


We are generally very well behaved until Friday night comes around and then we try to consume our body weight in alcohol. Unfortunately sometimes we just don't know when to stop and before we know it we're sat on the kerb (sidewalk) in our own vomit crying about nothing and only a kebab containing 1% meat 99% god knows what can cheer us up.

It seems that's all some people go to work for just so they can spend all their money and end up like that at the weekend. I suppose it's a bit sad really but we can't be completely perfect can we?


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    • Suzanne Ennazus profile image

      Suzanne Ennazus 17 months ago

      That's slander about the kebab. When the horsemeat scandal happened kebabs were found to be the most pure ground meat product. Maybe I'm not real British because the most I ever drink is one alcohol drink a month. Then again, looking back to when I was a teenager I did have some crazy nights out at the weekend.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This was fun to read. Thanks for sharing and Welcome to HubPages.

      I think here in Canada we too are always complaining about the weather. In the winter it's too cold, Summer it's too hot, and in the Sping and Fall it rains too much.

    • INFJay profile image

      Jay Manriquez 5 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

      As an American who loves viewing British television, I started a hobby counting the number of times in an episode the characters drink tea vs a pint. So far it's 50/50! I've noticed that if the program is a crime drama, the detectives drink tea while investigating and have a pint after work.