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Britney Spears Releases Un-touched Photos to Public

Updated on April 18, 2010

Pop singer Britney Spears has bravely made the decision to allow some of her photos from her Candie's photo shoot to be publicly released,in their raw,un-touched form. Her reason for this is to allow others to see what females in the industry really go through in order to look picture perfect. This is a very bold move on her part,and not one that many celebrities would ever even consider. After all,they WANT the public to think they are the ultimate image of perfection. I,for one, applaud Britney on allowing the world to see that nobody (not even Britney Spears),looks perfect without a little help from others.

She has had her share of mistakes and mess ups in the not so distant past,but you have to admit that this is a good move on her part. I'm pretty sure that many bloggers will trash talk her,and say things about how "awful" she looks in these pictures. It just goes along with the territory for her. But really,she looks just like an average person,with bumps and blemishes,and bruises...even a little pudge here and there. Hopefully this will help some young women out there be more aware of the reality of the business. Nobody is perfect ladies,and if Britney can bare it and be proud,so can you. It's about time the world opens their eyes to the facts of what happens before a photo gets published in a magazine.

When comparing the first set of images,you will notice a lot of airbrushing has been done. Her over all skin tone was evened out,getting rid of the darker coloring especially on the legs. It also appears that Britney is sporting a couple of bruises on her right calf,and some dry skin on her knees and heels of her feet. This was all fixed in the second photograph,along with some obvious slimming of the thighs and calves. Her waist was also made to appear thinner,and with a bit more of a curve.

Now on to the second set of photos. You can clearly see that they slimmed down her rear,and also her thighs quite drastically. And low and behold,no more cellulite in the second photograph. Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy in the real world? Once more you will see the dry skin on her heels was edited out to give a clean,smooth appearance. Upon even closer inspection,you will notice the tattoo on her lower back has also been removed,and her waist once again looks smaller. Amazing what they can do with a picture these days isn't it?

So,is Britney Spears really the image of perfection? No. Is that somewhat disappointing to the world? Maybe. But she is human,after all. And I have yet to personally meet a human who possesses qualities anywhere near perfection,either on the inside or outside. The most you can do is just be yourself,and wear whatever that is proudly.

 She is beautiful even in the before shots,but the fashion world has high standards,and true beauty in their eyes includes a lot of things that the average woman doesn't have. We don't have a famous makeup artist helping us look our best. And we certainly don't have somebody to airbrush out our flaws in everyday life. and I think it's safe to say that we all carry a little bit of Britney on our backsides. And it's really not such a bad thing. Who would have guessed?


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    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I agree with you. We all carry a bit of Britney on our backsides!