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Broadway - The New American Pastime

Updated on June 8, 2010

Broadway The New American Pastime

I have always loved the theatre and getting to go to a broadway styled show.  Whether it is a play or a musical, I was always one of the first people in line to go see the show.  There is nothing more exciting or entertaining than watching a talented Actor and cast bring you to a different time or world or even bring emotions like Love or Hate out of a person.  I have seen countless people start to tear at shows like Les Miserables and even more break out into laughter while listening to the Actors sing songs as Puppets in Avenue Q.  What I never thought I would see though is the day that theatre made its comeback to the main stream audiences. 

Everyone knows movies like the Wizard of Oz, but not everyone knew of the book Wicked.  Thanks to a talented writer named Gregory Maguire and the amazing talents of people like Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel Wicked broke through the World and got thousands of people who may have never gone to a show to fall in love with Acting and theatre. 

Movies like Hairspray by John Waters were turned into shows that had large production budgets and then got turned into another new movie based on the Musical.  With the attention of Hollywood and Hollywood realizing that the Broadway Actors and Actresses have all of the talent in the world, they quickly began picking up Broadway Stars like Kristen Chenoweth who was on West Wing and Pushing up Daisies or Actresses like Lea Michele who is now starring in the hit TV show Glee on Fox.  Glee is the prime example that America loves theatre. 

Not only is Glee all about singing and shows, but they have brought showtunes back to life with their new versions and characters that 13 million people around the world have fallen in love with.  Actresses like Lea Michele and Actors like Mathew Morrison have a ton of talent and can light up a theatre in person so when you combine their talents with a TV show that has the budget and deep pockets of a network like Fox, you are almost guaranteed to have a winner.  You then throw in even more talent that could easily make it on broadway like the Actors who play Mercedes or Kurt and you now have people that we can all relate to and because they also bring in popular songs we all end up singing along and wanting to learn how to do the dance routines.  You can see a ton of attempts at mimicking the Glee dance routines on  However, if trying to learn how to do a professionally choreographed routine by watching a show on tv is not your thing, Nintendo Wii is now coming out with a new solution for you to be able to learn how to perform professionally choreographed and broadway styled dance routines.  Nintendo is releasing a brand new game this summer called Dance on Broadway. 

Dance on Broadway not only enables you to learn how to do and perform dance routines to some of your very favorite showtunes and broadway hits, but it also looks like it will be a great workout too.  The commercial for the Nintendo Wii Dance on Broadway video game also just looks like a ton of fun and they show people of all shapes, ages and sizes doing it which further goes to show you that Broadway has begun to start to win the hearts of millions of people in the main stream market, but also that great acting, memorable music and a story line will not only get an audience to react, but it will start to move across different medias and mediums.  Broadway has always been able to entertain people, however many people forget about how amazing a properly put on show can actually be. 

New Broadway websites and blogs are popping up all the time and with all of the added exposure through tv shows like Glee and Broadway Stars being casted in TV shows and Movies, Broadway is quickly gaining its hold on American Audiences and becoming more and more popular.  Even TV stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Sean Hayes have begun moving back to broadway and are helping people rediscover a form of entertainment that has been around for centuries. Broadway shows have always been one of my favorite things to get to see and by looking at the reaction that Americans have had to shows like Glee and games like Dance on Broadway coming out soon, it looks like Broadway is becoming another one of America's favorite pastimes.  I love broadway shows and am extremely excited to see them making a comeback. 


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