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Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE

Updated on April 9, 2012

Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE

Brock Lesnar may not have a career in the UFC anymore, due to the decision to retire following a loss at UFC 141, but Lesnar is not out of work. Shortly after losing at UFC 141 there were rumors going around that Lesnar was going to return to the WWE.

Shortly after retiring from the UFC, Brock Lesnar made his return to Monday Night Raw. It is said that Lesnar has signed a contract with the WWE that is worth around $5 million. It is also said that Lesnar will have to make between 30-40 appearances in the WWE for a year, which is what Lesnar agreed too. The WWE can negotiate additional appearances but it is Lesnar who has to approve of it.

So how did Brock make his return? In style. John Cena was talking in the ring and then Lesnar interrupted Cena's promo, walked right into the ring, acted like he was going to shake Cena's hands and then planted Cena right onto the mat. The show then ended.

It looks as if a match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar is bound to happen in the near future. The venue for such a match will most likely be at SummerSlam 2012. The WWE has just gotten a bit better because a match between Cena and Lesnar will be one that no WWE fan will want to miss. It will be one of those matches that will have fans talking for quite sometime to come.

If such a match takes place, then Lesnar will most likely win. However, there will probably be a rematch shortly after SummerSlam which Cena will win and then there will be a build up for a Lesnar VS Cena match at Wrestlemania 2013.

Only time will tell if the above scenario will happen.


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