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Brooke Proposes to Bill Spencer – The Bold and the Beautiful

Updated on April 24, 2017

Brooke and Ridge to Marry in Australia

Last month, Brooke and Ridge boarded a Qantas flight with the rest of their family to attend Liam and Steffy’s destination wedding in Australia. Unlike, Liam and Steffy who had a rather splashy wedding where the bride zip lined into the venue from the Sydney Opera House, Brooke and Ridge were planning a quiet private ceremony.

But that ceremony was never to be. Liam and Steffy’s reception was a beach party on a Sydney beach. During the celebrations, Quin and Ridge found themselves in a secluded beach alcove and as had happened many times since a business trip to San Francisco, the duo succumbed to the searing sexual chemistry between them and kissed.

It was supposed to be a goodbye kiss. Ridge and Quinn agreed that what was happening between them couldn’t go on. Especially since Quinn loved his father; and Ridge was to marry Brooke the following day.

The Wedding if Off!

On the eve of her  wedding to Ridge, Brooke found Ridge in Quinn's arms...
On the eve of her wedding to Ridge, Brooke found Ridge in Quinn's arms...

Brooke Sees Ridge and Quinn Kiss

Quinn said her goodbyes and leaned in to peck Ridge on the cheek. Ridge held onto Quinn’s hands as she pulled away then pulled her into a passionate embrace.

Unfortunately, for Quinn and Ridge, Brooke saw the kiss.

Ridge walked away down the beach and Quinn turned to head off the other way. But she ran into Brooke who was livid. After berating Quinn, who Brooke called a disease that overcame them all one by one, Brooke headed back to the hotel to fill Eric in on what she’d seen.

At the hotel, Ridge and Quinn managed to get Brooke away from Eric before she could spill the beans, but Eric knew there was something terribly wrong between Ridge and Brooke.

Quinn later convinced Brooke not to say anything to Eric. All it would do was hurt him. Brooke agreed that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Eric. So she agreed to keep their secret. But Brooke promised she would be watching Quinn and Ridge for further acts of betrayal.

Brooke Dumps Ridge

Alone, Ridge asked Brooke where they stood. He’d made a terrible mistake. But they could fix it by getting married tomorrow just as they planned. Brooke was aghast. What was wrong with Ridge? Brooke decided that Ridge would never change. He would always need confirmation that he was desirable to women; that he could have any woman.

Brooke decided that there was one woman he wouldn’t have. Her. And that ended Brooke and Ridge’s latest romance.

Both at a loss for different reason, Brooke and Bill were drawn to the same harbor front location in Sydney
Both at a loss for different reason, Brooke and Bill were drawn to the same harbor front location in Sydney

Bill and Brooke Drawn to Each Other

Bill had come to Australia to attend his son’s wedding to Steffy, knowing that Brooke would also be marrying Ridge on the same trip. Bill had been sure that Ridge would screw up and that he and Brooke wouldn’t last, but with their wedding day now here, a sullen Bill had to admit maybe he’d been wrong.

Walking along the foreshore of Sydney Harbor with the harbor bridge and Sydney Opera House as a backdrop, Bill ran into Brooke. A teary Brooke has been drawn to the same place.

Will there finally be a Bill and Brooke Wedding?

Will Brooke and Bill get married?

See results

Brooke Returns Bill’s Sword Necklace to Him

Back in Los Angeles, Ridge was determined to win Brooke back. But Brooke was equally as determined that it was over between them once and for all.

So much so, that eventually, Brooke went to Bill and returned his sword necklace to him and declared her love. Bill was asked Brooke what had happened between her an Ridge, but in respect of her agreement not to tell Eric, Brooke had told no one why she called off the wedding. And she didn’t tell Bill either,

Bill just wanted to be sure it was truly over between Ridge and Brooke. Brooke assured Bill that she had gotten a little lost but that she wanted him and him lonely. Bill wanted to celebrate their reunion there and then in his office, but Brooke made him wait till later that night so that they could have a proper reunion.

A Proper Reunion

That evening, Bill arrived home to an elaborate and romantic dinner for two. But the stallion was impatient for the improper activities of the evening to commence. Brooke made him wait downstairs while she got ready upstairs in the bedroom.

And Brooke Proposes to Bill

When Bill arrived, he found Brooke dressed in lingerie made up of dollar bills. Brooke gave him a gift – a wooden sculpture of a stallion and then she pulled out the engagement ring he had given her last year. She wanted to wear it again she told Bill, and asked him to marry her. Bill took the ring from the box and slipped it onto Brooke’s finger telling her there was nothing he would like more.


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