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Brooks & Dunn tired of playing or tired of each other?

Updated on September 28, 2011
Brooks & Dunn are heading to Splitville
Brooks & Dunn are heading to Splitville

Brooks & Dunn announced that their 2010 tour "The Last Rodeo" will actually be their last ever as a band. So is this the way to create more buzz and revenue or are these two really done for good? The statement about their partnership being "too good of a horse to ride it to the ground" sounds so paradox it is (almost) lame.

They both are almost too eager to say how well they still get along and how good friends they are. I wish I could buy it! I watched the CMA awards earlier this week and it just seemed like the passion was not there when these two took the state. I cannot even remember what they performed, all I know is that it was very dull comparing to what I'm used to from them.

When Sugarland won for the Duo Jennifer Nettles seemed very surprised and even asked if Brooks & Dunn would want to come to the stage to say something. Those two merely shrugged for it and it just did not feel right. Did they have a fight? 

After 20 years of playing together they do must wonder how it would be to do solo. Everyone knows that Kix cannot hold a candle when it comes to singing comparing to Ronnie but does he still want to try alone? Is Ronnie gonna do something different in the future in his solo career? Could he possibly be even a bigger star alone? 

Lots of questions to be answered but whatever will happen I know most of us will miss them together playing something country!

Do you think Ronnie and Kix had a fight?

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