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Brothers And Sisters Season 2 Finale

Updated on May 9, 2011

For those who read the Some Like It Scott site, you know that last season I wrote about the finale of Brothers and Sisters. Well of course, I was glued to my Tivo all season this season as well, just love the show (and so does my mother) so when the season ended on Sunday there was a huge bump in the clicks to my blog about last season's finale. I know that people thought it was about this season's finale and so my Jewish guilt kicked in. Couple that with my Sally Field need for you "to like me, you really like me." And here we go - Brothers And Sisters Season 2 Finale - Don't Get Me Started!

To say there were few surprises in the season finale is an understatement (stop reading now if you haven't seen the finale - spoilers on the way) but the amazing thing was that instead of all of us avid watchers sitting on our sofas shaking our head in an "Oh yeah, I knew this was going to happen" pattern instead it was amazingly satisfying. I don't know if it was satisfying because we felt really smart that we knew what was going to happen and it did or if it just satisfied our viewing pleasure because it was a classy finale. (Something you rarely see any more)

While I know you think I'd go right for the gay plotlines I'm going to surprise you by not going there...yet. I was disappointed that the whole Sally Field/Danny Glover plotline went a big fat nowhere. I don't know if it's because the writers got themselves in over their head thinking for one moment that they could move the Sally Field character out of town and like a shoplifter about to get caught they thought if they just threw the whole thing on the shelf and ran away from it no one would notice or what. Meanwhile, the change of heart by Rob Lowe's now wanting to be a Daddy again storyline seemed a bit implausible. Then again, I've never gone through that experience so maybe they're hitting it on the head. The Justin and Rebecca romance was written great too. I don't know about you but me thinks that there may be some surprises here too. What is it they say about being careful about getting what you wish it just me or did I detect a bit of awkwardness between these Shakespearean tragic would be lovers? I don't know if they're going to really get together or decide it's just too weird but I'll be tuning in to find out, of that you can be sure.

Some characters didn't get much or any play this season and it seemed odd we wouldn't see both of Sarah's (Rachel Griffith's) kids in the finale or even more than a quick extra-type walk across by the Tommy's wife character. A little lame, in my opinion a season finale is like a curtain call to me, no matter how small it is, everyone should get a bow.

Now onto the gays (this is for you, Huntley - a pal of the Some Like It Scott site). I too have both the next to last and last episode on Tivo and have watched both more than once. Fast forwarding through the silly new plotline that got introduced like the Scooby Doo gang hanging out in the Mystery Machine of a possible new brother named Ryan (if they find him and he's had a sex change, they will truly have covered everything on this show) and going straight to the not so straight romance unfolding between Scotty and Kevin. As my grandmother used to say about something that was so good on television - it was peachy. I mean, here you go with the out of nowhere brilliantly played proposal to the whole brother boys road trip to visit the spouse's not happy about a gay son and less happy about a gay wedding parents. Interestingly enough, though it's usually portrayed differently I'll bet there are a lot of fathers out there who would be more accepting of the gay son and marriage thing if their wife would only let them. Though many may have watched it thinking it was pure fantasy, as a gay man whose family and in-laws have accepted him from moment one I'm glad to see a little reality slipping into a nighttime soap opera. I'm so tired of seeing the gays be sluts (hello, writers are listening - yes, we noticed when you were floundering as to what to do with the Kevin character season one) it's just really refreshing to see not sensationalism but a gay relationship written and portrayed so sensationally. Thank God. Meanwhile Sol, God love you and your fatalistic view of being a gay man coming out so late in life. Writers tread carefully on this one and let's not suddenly make him a swishy drama queen, please?

And so it's with a tissue in hand and heavy heart that I bid adieu to the Walker family for their hiatus. I know they're just actors, I know it's just a show but I'm just so glad that in the age of needing a family with few of its limbs getting a new house built for them or fatties losing amazing weight with around the clock workouts, it's good to have a well scripted drama that makes us feel so much. And I for one am a SAG (Screen Actors' Guild) member who will be voting for all of you as best ensemble cast. The envelope please... Brothers And Sisters Season 2 Finale - Don't Get Me Started!



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    • Super Hub Star profile image

      Super Hub Star 8 years ago

      I didn't like this show at first but have really gotten into it now. I'm in Southern Hemisphere and we're seeing the second series now. I couldn't help but take a look at your hub to find out what happens!